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Top 8 Kitchen Styles Which are Growing In Popularity

Top 8 Kitchen Styles Which are Growing In Popularity

If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, there are various popular kitchen styles you can choose from. Whether you like a vintage style or a modern one, there’s always a kitchen style that will perfectly match your unique kitchen needs.

Depending on your preferences, your kitchen style must be about finding something that works with what makes you feel good, can last for many years to come, and seamlessly matches your home décor.

Every kitchen style from Anglia Kitchens & Bedrooms includes different key features and color palettes. If you’re wondering which kitchen style is ideal for you, below are some of the kitchen styles that are growing in popularity:


It’s the kitchen style that is not just family-friendly, but also functional. The look of a contemporary kitchen style is a carefully curated combination of old and new, polished, and casual materials. It has also lots of rooms for guests and hosts to interact and work. Add lots of open space, durable seating, and cooking equipment to achieve a kitchen suited for the 21st-century living.


This popular kitchen style is somewhere between contemporary and traditional with enough detailing to please folks in design camps. Remember that while there are some elements of both contemporary and traditional styles present, a transitional kitchen style doesn’t veer too far such styles.

In a transitional kitchen style, the key color palette is serene neutrals. Whether you choose warm or cool hues, the colors tend to be subtle and soft. For a much richer look, consider gray or deep blue cabinetry. Some features of a transitional kitchen style are pendant lighting, subway tile, farmhouse sinks, and shaker-style cabinetry.


This popular kitchen style is a highly refined kitchen, which is created with a Nordic flair. Such kitchen styles are defined with a focus on the use of minimum colors and functionality. They provide a minimalistic and upscale look.

With a Scandinavian kitchen style, there’s a focus on functional design. Usually, this kitchen is designed with an open and clean layout and includes some functional worktops. Such kitchens also include lots of wooden elements.

Country Farmhouse

A country farmhouse kitchen style is open and inviting, which enables you to enjoy the feeling of weekend getaways right in the comfort of your home. Furniture-like cabinets and farmhouse tables are famous conventions and an electric combination of finishes helps create a lived-in and comfortable look. The colors in this kitchen style tend to be natural and simple hues known for their timeless feel.
Country Farmhouse


Sophisticated, sleek, and sexy, the modern kitchen style is made to keep clutter to a minimum. High-tech materials and reflective surfaces focus on modern kitchens and the exotic woods add a luxurious feel without fabric or frills.

Generally, modern kitchen styles emphasize structure and form instead of surface ornamentation. You can think of the smooth surfaces like steel and concrete, lots of open space, and strong horizontal lines. Some features include minimalist faucets, continuous backsplash material, frameless cabinets, and more.


A rustic kitchen style is warm and welcoming, which showcases the rugged natural materials like stone and rough-hewn wood beam. While the look is from the past, the rustic kitchen style today may lean more contemporary, which depends on the sensibility of the design.

The color palette of a rustic kitchen style echoes the colors of the natural materials like warm woods and stone with accents and paint colors in the same shades for a cozy and rich look.


Industrial kitchen styles are utilitarian and simple spaces where tough fixtures, finishes, and raw materials take the center stage. Favoring hard-wearing and practical surfaces as well as restaurant-grade equipment over excess embellishment and ornament, industrial kitchen styles are designed to withstand lots of use.

Some of the key features of this kitchen design trend are salvaged materials and found objects, filament-bulb light fixtures, and concrete or stainless steel materials.


Traditional kitchens are the perfect backdrop for a life that focuses on holidays, friends, and family, which offers a comfortable and clean look. Glass or paneled doors on the cupboards make this kitchen style timeless. For extra detail, you may also add an icebox or latched hardware. White tiles also help reflect light and can be perfect if you want to achieve a clean look.
Oftentimes, traditional kitchens include rich colors that can stand the test of time. For cabinetry, white is a known choice, but it isn’t the only option. If you prefer something different, you can also consider soft shades of natural wood, beige, green, or blue.


When your kitchen style beautifully and succinctly reflects your personal taste, your guests and family will be able to appreciate and tell that a part of your soul was poured into the designing process. From contemporary to a rustic kitchen style, there are various options you can choose from. Just make sure to consider a kitchen style that’s aesthetically pleasing and functional, which best meets your taste, budget, and needs.

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