Top 6 Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Kitchen is where our food is made and this needs to be the cleanest. As per reports, most of the illness caused due to the presence of harmful bacteria, parasites, virus or other microorganisms are caused due to the negligence of kitchen hygiene. The only way to stay safe is not by eating healthy food or purified water. We have to think deeper. It means we need to focus on the overall cleaning of the kitchen. A lot of times we miss out on cleaning parts of the kitchen due to lack of proper cleaning equipment or time crunch.

There is always an alternative to every problem and it is the same in this case. You cannot balance time-consuming house chore such as a thorough kitchen cleaning along with the workload in the office. Hire services offered by cleaning service Toronto and you can leave the rest on the professional cleaners.

Best kitchen cleaning tips

In this article, we will get to know about a few of the regular kitchen cleaning tips. You must keep the kitchen clean daily even if you get a thorough cleaning done by professional cleaners at regular intervals. Here is a list of which appliances need regular cleaning.



We use blenders every day starting from making our early morning fruit juice till the last sauce which is needed to make dinner. Of course, we clean it every time we use it but all the residue particles must be removed thoroughly. This is only possible if we pour some water in the pitcher and just two drops of dishwashing soap. Put it in the blender and turn it on for half a minute and then rinse it clean.

Microwave Ovens

The easiest way to keep your microwave sparkling clean is to place two wet paper towels inside the oven and run the machine at high for about 3-4 minutes. As you open the door of the oven, you will see how the towels have softened up. As they cool down, you can wipe the inside of the oven with these towels. To remove any food smell from the oven just heat half a cup of lemon juice in a cup of water for 5 minutes at a high. You will be left with a clean and odor-free oven.

Coffee and Tea-pots

Coffee and Tea-pots
You will notice that the sparkling glass coffee pot in your kitchen easily develops a brown tint which does not look good. This mainly happens after a few rounds of coffee or tea has been made in the vessel. You can fill the pot with ice cubes till a quarter and add some salt to it. To this add a few whole quarters of lemon and squeeze a few too. Just let this swirl on the heat for a couple of minutes and you will get a clean pot.

Cast-iron Pans

The reason behind those tasty crepes and omelets is this pan that is very low-maintenance. You cannot use a dishwasher or scrape it to maintain the oily surface of it. You should instead rub softly with some paper towel and salt. Then rinse it properly and drizzle some cooking oil to keep the oily surface intact.


This is needed almost to make everything starting from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Suppose you have grated some cheese with the help of a grater you will notice that bits and pieces will be sticking even if you try to pull it out. Doing it with your fingers can be risky so we should use a safer and easier technique. Just take a pastry brush and brush off both the sides of the grater and you are good to go.

Cups and Mugs

We use our china clay crockery mainly for tea, coffee, and similar beverages. With time what we find inside is a blotchy, brown haze due to the color of the beverage. Cleaning is easier than banishing all the white cups from the kitchen. Take a dishcloth and scrub the inside surface of the cups with vinegar and salt in equal amounts.

These are some of the most common appliances used every day in the kitchen and the easy tips to clean them.

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