Top 5 Things to Remember When You Move to Your First Solo Apartment

Moving to your first solo apartment is a big deal. It’s not every day you’re afforded the opportunity to freely be yourself and live life on your own terms. Call it the pinnacle of adulthood, if you wish. Getting your own place and dwelling in a paid space exclusive for you is an experience like no other. You appreciate your solstice better and, even more, you learn about yourself in ways you’ve never had. If you’re in the process of packing your bags and relocating to your first ever big adult pad, this article’s for you. We’ve jotted down the most crucial points to take note of so you don’t miss anything major.

Here are pointers you should never forget when moving to a new apartment

Secure your finances

Secure your finances

By now, we assume you already have a place reserved and you’ve already signed the papers. So instead of reminding you to check out places that don’t go against your budget, we’ll talk about the importance of having advance rent money. You don’t have to be a grown-up to know that life can be unpredictable. Whether it’s an unexpected illness that keeps you from working or an emergency in the family that demands your financial contribution, some circumstances are just beyond our control.

As a result, having savings we can turn to is even more critical when we live by ourselves. Rent is rent, regardless of what happens around us. So it’s important to have advance rent money, just in case something awry comes up. Financial experts usually say contingency plans include enough money to cover six months of our lives without working, but we all know the economy isn’t kind to everyone. Secure at least one month’s worth of rent and store it somewhere safe; be it in a bank or a secret drawer. It’s up to you.

It’s pretty obvious, but we’ll say it anyway. Financial stability is an elemental component when you move out. So before you bid that much anticipated goodbye to whoever you live with now, make sure you have the funds to pull it off.

Come up with a checklist

You may think you have everything under control at the back of your hand, but trust us when we say you don’t. Moving to your own place means becoming your own person, and doing that requires plenty of things. You may have the bed situation covered, but what about your sheets? Sure your apartment comes with a stove and oven, but do you have pans and utensils and plates?

Section your checklist into home segments to make everything easier. What do you need for your kitchen? What about your sleeping area? And the bathroom? You don’t want to end up frustrated, remembering only an essential when an opportunity presents itself. From nail cutters to curtains and can openers to “welcome” mats, factor everything in. Finalising what you need months before you move out helps you eliminate stress and unnecessary panicking.

Know where to shop for furniture and appliances

In most cases, people bring only their clothes and a few valuables when they move in to an apartment. Appliances and furniture are only ever bought once you’re a lot more settled. Instead of looking for things as you go, window shop in advance. Find the home items you need and like in advance. This also better helps you come up with a budget for how much you need to spend for necessities.
Know where to shop for furniture and appliances
The internet is your friend and there is no shortage of reliable sources to read reviews from. For example, websites like Air Grub offer meaningful insight about what kitchen appliances you should consider and which ones are best left forgotten. Know where you’re buying what and stick to your budget. It can be tempting to max out your credit card to maximize to purchase the items that look nice, but unless you’re monetarily able to do that, let it go. You’ll be surprised how so many solo-renters have a stunning lack of home equipment, but are able to make it work. Of course, that’s not to say you shouldn’t buy what you need. You just have to be more aware of which items can wait and which items you need urgently.

Familiarize your area before you move in

Sure, your apartment is in a terrific location, but unless you know where the important stores are ahead of time, you’re going to waste a lot of time. Find out where the nearest laundromat is and determine how many blocks away the local clinic or hospital is. Knowing where the police station is from your new home is beneficial, too.

If you’re moving because of a new job, research ahead where the bus stops are if you plan on commuting. What are other travel alternatives? Do you intend to drive? Or take the train? Can you bike to your new office? How far is your emergency contact’s address from where your new place is? Being familiar with your apartment’s area helps you come home much easier, considering you know where the fastest shortcuts are. It also doesn’t hurt to know where the nearest restaurants you like are. The more knowledgeable you are about the places that surround your area, the better.

Come up with a mood board

This one’s a little more optional, but being able to design your pad the way you want is often recreational and soul-satisfying. Look up design videos online and find which tones, shades, and themes, you like the most. What type of furniture best represents your personality? What paint color do you want your apartment to be? Are you opting for wallpaper instead? Do you have enough money to renovate key areas in your home? How exhaustive do you need the designing process to be?
Come up with a mood board
Dozens of smartphone apps can help you settle with a style you like. Be creative!

All in all, relocating to a space you can call yours is an exhilarating feeling. But it can be stressful when you’re unprepared.

Good luck!

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