Top 5 Bonsai Trees for Your Home That You Can’t Ignore

It is a fact that most of the Bonsai tree species are suitable for the outdoor environment since they require direct sunlight and adequate watering for steady growth. However, the popularity of indoor bonsai trees has increased as people have started decorating their home gardens with these gorgeous plants.

For managing bonsai trees indoors, you have to fulfill specific requirements. For instance, natural light is essential apart from interior lights. These mini trees cannot function in artificial lights as the act of photosynthesis gets hampered. To be honest, indoor bonsais require the same level of care what you should give to an outdoor bonsai.

If you are willing to pick the best outdoor and indoor bonsai plants for your home, do not miss out on the below-mentioned species:

Ficus Bonsai

It is among the famous bonsai category that has close to 800 different plant species. Ficus bonsai are beautiful looking plants called the Weeping Fig. These plants have blooming foliage that sheds its pointed leaves on a season basis. There are certain Ficus Bonsai species which are acquired a popularity for their small flowers and milky sap. These plants reside can be found on all the continents in every tropical region. It makes these plants perfectly suitable for keeping as an indoor Bonsai plant. Though a few ficus bonsai produces beautiful flowers, some even yield hidden flowers in the tiny receptaclaes. These then later grow on to becoming fruits. The fruit can be of any color from green, to yellow, purple-blue, and red. Their size varies from a few mms to several cms.  

Chinese Elm Bonsai

Chinese Elm Bonsai

The Chinese Elm is a well-known bonsai tree for home gardens. They are excellent as indoor dwarf trees, which can be quickly grown and maintained. The Chinese Elm is characterized by fast growth and high tolerance towards overwatering. These plants have small leaves that change color as it grows in age. Repotting for the Chinese Elm is a must that should be done at least once in two years.

Dwarf Umbrella Bonsai

Schefflera Arboricola or Dwarf Umbrella tree is known for its unique foliage shaped in a canopy form. Interestingly, it is a prevalent Bonsai variety that can be styled differently, such as exposed roots or the weeping banyan look. The foliage growth of Dwarf Umbrella bonsai is quite strong, but the roots are usually weaker. People need to take care since this bonsai tree can cause skin annoyance in some individuals.

Snow Rose Bonsai

Snow Rose Bonsai

Snow Rose Bonsai or Serissa Japonica are commonly known to develop small, eye-catching flowers. This variety of bonsai is known to flower every season; however, their beauty multiplies during spring and late autumn. During this period, the Snow Rose bonsai elegantly offers white or pinkish flowers. These wonderful mini trees can be positioned indoors in your living room or hallway. Some people also prefer placing the bonsai outdoors as part of the balcony or home garden.

Dwarf Pomegranate Bonsai

The scientific name for Dwarf Pomegranate Bonsai is Punica Granatum Nana. These are outstanding dwarf trees that match perfectly with an outdoor environment. People are driven towards the beauty of Dwarf Pomegranate Bonsai due to their bright-colored flowers. This variety of bonsai is characterized by a thick trunk and charming pomegranate fruits, which are tiny but edible. Unlike most bonsais, Dwarf Pomegranate requires extra care and maintenance. For sustained growth, these plants need sufficient sunlight and a strict watering pattern.

There is no doubt that a bonsai is considered the best option when you want to add your home’s natural essence. There is no need to crave for an extensive lawn or garden space to plant your trees. The above-mentioned bonsai versions of indoor & outdoor trees are suitable for beautifying your home without fail. There are easy-to-grow varieties of bonsais, which are perfect for beginners. Moreover, you can even select the rare & extraordinary versions of bonsai tree for sale available only via online plant dealers.

Each of the indoor bonsai plants you buy should be from a registered nursery or plant dealer. Ensure that the expert gardener fills you with important information about the bonsai care and maintenance routine. Some species of bonsais require timely pruning and repotting; such details are a must for home gardeners.  

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