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Is End of Tenancy Cleaning Service Worth It?

Is End of Tenancy Cleaning Service Worth It?

Rental unit cleaning is often an issue of contention between landlords and tenants at the end of the lease. Depending on the terms of your rental agreement with the landlord, you might be required to return the unit in the same condition as you had found it (damage-free, clean, and neat). Otherwise, you risk losing part of or the whole of your bond amount.

At the very least, you should clean the property before the inspection. While you can always clean it yourself, it might be wiser to pay for professional cleaning services. Here is how paying for the services stacks up against DIY cleaning.

Secure the Full Bond Amount

Your landlord will look at your unit’s condition before deciding on whether it meets the standards agreed to in the rental agreement. If it doesn’t, they may have to withhold some part of your security deposit. This amount will be used to clean the unit and get it back to its original state. When cleaning the unit yourself, it might be tough to do a thorough job. 

You could easily miss cleaning some spots and might not have the necessary cleaning equipment. For instance, most service providers that offer Perth end of lease cleaning services have professional-grade equipment and know-how to clean the unit deeply. This increases the chances of getting your entire security deposit back.

Save Time

If you have a job and are planning to move to another apartment, you know how hectic your life can be at this stage. You need to balance work, family time, and planning the move. Add the many cleaning tasks into the mix, and you get another layer of challenges. Working with professional cleaning services can help you save this time.

They are well equipped to handle cleaning your unit within the shortest time possible. They can handle a task that would have taken you three hours in less than one hour thanks to their efficient equipment. You will only have to worry about moving your belongings and preparing for the inspection. That will offer you enough time to deal with the issues that matter most during this period – getting to work early, resting, and even socializing with your friends one last time.

Save Some Money

Taking the DIY path can be quite costly. Some cleaning tasks require specialized equipment and chemicals – making the cleaning process a bit expensive. Even worse, you might not know the ideal solution for cleaning specific parts of the home. If you were to damage any part of the unit using the wrong equipment or chemical, the chances are you will have to pay for the damages.

Professionals who provide cleaning services when moving know how to handle different stains, molds, and odors. Instead of having to rent your equipment, you can rely on them to come with theirs. Besides, most offer discounts for specific parts of the cleaning process, which could end up saving your money in the long run.

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Have a Hassle-Free Move

Moving and deep cleaning on your own can be time-intensive. If you combine them, you might have one of the most hectic weeks. Each task requires a specific amount of attention to do right. Why not let go of the cleaning task by outsourcing it to the right cleaning experts? You will only have to worry about making the moving process efficient.

You Deserve Some Peace of Mind

Steer clear of the stressful part of moving out by working with professional cleaners. The trick lies in choosing a reputable cleaning agency to help you out. Take your time to choose one specializing in move-out cleaning services in your area to enjoy the above benefits.

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