Top 4 Central Heating System Cleaning Tips

It’s important to keep your Central Heating System clean and well-maintained. It needs proper maintenance to function at full capacity and last a long time. Because your central heating system is usually hidden from plain view, it’s important to set regular reminders of scheduled maintenance check up and cleaning.

With this method, as the name “Central Heating” implies, there is one central heating source such as a boiler or heatpump, which supplies heat to the entire house. This can include domestic hot water supply. The system is designed to maintain an even temperature though out the building or home.

This is the ultimate heating method as cost to supply and install such a system is almost equivalent to conventional systems with the difference that (gas or heatpump) powered central heating systems are more reliable, cheaper to run, and healthier for the whole family.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating

Water in-floor heating systems consist of plastic (cross-linked-polyethylene) pipe laid in circuits in a floor screed or embedded within the slab, through which low temperature hot water is passed. The hot water is circulated at a lower temperature than for other forms of heating and provides even heat distribution across the whole installed area.

Heated floors act like a massive radiator heating all object and people in the room in a gentle, even manner. The room heats the bottom up, heating the feet and the body first.


Most people use radiators because they are very effective heaters. Radiators react immediately – once the radiator is turned on, the room will be warm within half an hour.
Radiators are silent, safe, and healthy – no airborne particles are blown around. It’s also the cheapest way to heat your home. Plus, radiators can be heated by high temperature appliances including fires and boilers.

Split systems, part under floor and part radiators, often provide the best solution in two storey homes and homes with large areas of open plan living. A badly designed system will cost more to run and result in an ineffective system.

Whether you’re using Underfloor Heating or Radiator Central Heating solutions – there are ways to keep your central heating system in tip-top shape without breaking the bank.

Here are the top 4 central heating system cleaning tips:

1. Familiarize yourself with your central heating system.

Whatever central heating system you’re using – whether you’re using Underfloor Heating or Radiator Central Heating solutions – you need to get to know how it works. That way, you’re able to manage and maintain it to keep it working at full capacity without worrying about the heater getting damaged.

Your provider might also offer after-sale services, which you can use to make repairs and cleaning more manageable. You may also contact a handyman if you need help with manual cleaning of your central heating system.

Regular cleaning prevents damages to your central heating system. Keeping filters, air ducts, and vents clean and dust-free helps protect your central heating system from malfunctions and damages.

2. Check the filter regularly.

Check the filter regularly
You also need to regularly check and/or replace the filter as it can cause major blockage and damages if left unchecked. Filters are there to protect your equipment from dirt and dust. Dirty filters tend to create blockages, which may prevent warm air from circulating in your home.

We recommend changing your filters twice a year. During the seasons when your central heating system is used more, you need to check your filters at least once a month to avoid having a clogged system. Make sure you purchase the right-sized filter to avoid problems later on.

3. Clean the vents.

It’s important to regularly clean the vents of your central heating system to prevent damage to your equipment. A blocked vent obstructs warm air from flowing. It’s crucial to keep the vents clean to ensure that cold air returns. Keep the exhaust system free from debris, leaves, and free from dust.

4. Repair or replace the Lockschield radiator valve.

To ensure an even distribution of the hot water to the radiators in a hot water heating system, the system must be balanced. Because the water is pumped via a pipe and branches to feed each radiator, the ones at the beginning of the “run” tend to get more than their fair share of heat. The way to do this is by using the lock shield valve on each radiator to regulate the flow of water to the radiator. By partial closing off these valves, the radiators nearest the pump can be restricted more than those further away. The Lockschield valve is normally fitted as the connection from the radiator to the return line.
Repair or replace the Lockschield radiator valve
If a radiator system is not regularly serviced Lockschield valves could rust and possibly block causing an unbalance within the system resulting in very inefficient heating and in some cases damage. If your Lockschield valves need to be replaced or serviced, please book our Radiator Central Heating Service.
Please note that in most cases your system must be drained to enable the replacement of these valves.

Depending on system size additional costs may apply. Our maintenance special does not include any materials or repairs outside the scope of the service, our technicians will advise prior to commencing any works.


Whether you go for radiators or underfloor heating, regular check up and maintenance is vital to your central heating system. You need to keep everything running smoothly to prevent any malfunction or accidents.

You may need professionals to help you with the maintenance of your central heating systems. Euro Plumbing can help you with all of your central heating system needs. Whatever your preferences are, we help you find the perfect equipment for you. We also help you maintain your new or existing system.

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