Top 2019 Gardening Trends: Design and Ideas

From nailing the right mood with the appropriate lighting to creating outdoor rooms, 2019 is bound to bring new exciting trends with it. Growing and being mindful of the food that you and your family is a top priority for most gardeners. With this in mind, we predict gardening trends will lean heavily on maintaining and building a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Furthermore, the joyous and intrinsic connection people have with nature may be the saving ticket for the planet. As subtle as it seems in the social online “desert” of stress, internet, and work, people are resolving to nature to achieve inner peace and purpose. Some of the upcoming trends of 2019 include:

Low maintenance: Climate change


Gardening in the hopes to turn around the disheveled climate condition is on the rise. More people are learning to grow the right plants in the right conditions; it boils down to the cycle of water dissipation in soil. For instance, plant schemes that are drought resistant are environmentally responsible than pampering plants with irrigation systems while plants that can fend for themselves is an alternative.

Hanging and house plants

The pace for these trends was set some time back, but sculptural plants are likely to dominate the scene in the months to come. The growing popularity of common houseplants is now being translated to the outdoors in the form of exotic architectural plant forms. Hanging and house plants have proven to make a bold statement both indoors and outdoors. Apart from the hanging baskets and traditional hanging plants in gardens, plants with texture, color and foliage are likely to be incorporated as part of the general gardening experience.

Blending exterior and interior plants

Who doesn’t like a colorful, stylish appearance? The colorful interior house plants are likely to creep to the outdoor scene. 2019 is likely to welcome a clash of large colored leaves. Meanwhile, industrial claimed materials might take the center stage and make an increasing appearance in modern gardens.

Landscape crazy paving, log walls, and metals

Log walls, charred timbers, and crazy paving will make a debit in 2019. Use of slabs made of large irregular stones and crazy paving is being recreated to fit the modern landscape. Log walls have started becoming a craze all for a good reason. They can feature as a boundary or a habitat for insects and a range of wildlife. Similarly, courtesy of the wide application metals lend themselves to, more gardens will feature the use of metals.

Perennial and wild plants


Most designers in 2018 experimented with wildflowers in 2018 and the trend is likely to continue. The best part about this trend is that it does not require large space. The perennial meadows bloom from April to November, all the more reason the trend is likely to catch on.


Each new years brings along a set of ideas, from ecological gardening to bold colors mash up. Gardening has become a great alternative great alternative to blow off some steam and with the stream of ideas constantly being redefined the ideas are endless. That’s why Gold Coast Arborists


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