Tools you Need for House Renovation

If you’re planning on making substantial changes to your home, or simply on keeping it in respectable condition for the future, then you’ll need a well-thought-out toolbox. This should include a number of indispensable tools, which you’ll be reaching for frequently throughout the renovation. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Essential Tools

Screwdrivers, hammers, nails and pliers – they’re all essential if you want to get anything done while renovating. As well as tools that actually make things happen, you shouldn’t neglect the measuring devices that’ll help you get things done well, like tape measures and spirit levels, and support structures like stepladders and platforms.

You might find a DIY toolbox ready-assembled with all of the tools you need. On the other hand, you might find that certain essential pieces of kit are missing, and that you have to add them yourself. This applies especially if you’re finding yourself doing the same particular task over and over again – it might be that more specialised equipment can make the task go much easier!

Power Tools

Power Tools

Doing everything using hand-tools might get old, really quickly. A few essential, adaptable power tools can make life much easier – provided that you know how to use them well.


An electric drill is a tool that no household should be without, as it’s incredibly adaptable. You can use it to create holes, to drive screws, and even to stir paint – provided that you have the right attachments. Modern drills are powered by lithium-ion batteries. Make sure that yours is 18v, if you want to avoid struggling with a lack of torque.

Electric Sanders

Electric Sanders

Preparing a surface for painting and finishing usually means bringing in an electric sander. To get the best from your sander, you’ll also need a steady supply of replacement sheets, in a variety of grades.

Laser Levels

Laser levels offer a means of drawing a perfectly straight line across a given surface. They’re far preferable to messing around with a spirit level and a ruler, though they do require a little bit of setting up. A green laser level is more visible than a red one, and more power-efficient, too – because the human eye has an easier time discerning those wavelengths.

Personal Protective Equipment

If you’re going to renovate safely, then you’ll need a few choice pieces of personal protective equipment. Facemasks will protect your from inhaling harmful particulates and dust. Goggles will protect your eyes against flying fragments, which can be essential when you’re drilling through metal and wood. Gloves protect your hands, while heavy-duty boots will ensure that you won’t risk standing on anything, or dropping a heavy object on your toes. These measures offer assurance, and can often spell the difference between a slight mishap and a serious accident.

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