Tips to Turn Your Boring Apartment Into a Lap of Luxury

What is it about visiting a posh, luxurious hotel that makes you feel overall good? Could it be the fresh crisp sheets that send you into a dream wonderland, or the abstract art that takes you into another universe leaving you in awe upon your visit? Whatever aspect you enjoyed, didn’t it make you wish you could live in such luxury?

Well, if you’re a homeowner, you have the freedom to decorate and revamp your home the way you want. But if you’re a renter, it may be a different story.

When you first move into an apartment, what do you see? Walls, floors, doors, and windows. It is up to you, the renter, to add style and personality to your living space.

Apartment living can be such a drag sometimes. They have so many restrictions…you can’t do this or you can’t have that. Well, it’s time for renters to unite and say no to boring living conditions! We’re going to take a look at some ways to transform your humble abode into an “in your face” posh dream suite.

Bring Your Walls to Life

Bring Your Walls to Life

The majority of apartments allow you to paint the walls of your apartment, as long as you paint them back in the original color before you move out.

Typically, apartment walls are either white or tan in color. That just screams boring to me…it’s boring to luxury hotels too. Most luxury hotels have an accent wall. An accent wall is a wall that is completely unlike the rest of the walls, whether it’s been painted differently or has wallpaper on it.

You can use any room for an accent wall, though they’re most commonly in, a bedroom or living room. Let’s say you picked your living room to have an accent wall. Whichever wall you choose to be accented, that wall is supposed to be the centerpiece of the entire room.

Your accent wall will not only bring that room to life, but adds personality to the room, and is also a reflection of you and your own personal style and flare.

Luxury Bedding

Luxury Bedding
Is it just me, or do you tend to sleep better when you’re in a upscale hotel? Do you know what the secret is? It’s the bedding!

You know you don’t actually have to fly out to a resort in the Bahamas to sleep in paradise. If you’re wanting your bed to be reminiscent of the bed you slept in at that 5 star hotel, you have to treat yourself to luxurious bedding and decor.

When I say luxurious bedding, I mean the plushest of pillows, high thread count sheets, superior material and mattress pads. Pull out the bells and whistles; after all, you deserve it, plus it’s an investment. When you buy good quality products, you get long lasting results.


Less is more. Everything has a place, and when things are in place, order is restored. If your closet is full of clothes and shoes you haven’t worn in the past year, it’s probably a good idea to get rid of it. All that does is leave room for new clothes, which actually means a shopping trip!

Also, designate certain areas for certain things. Instead of coming home and throwing your keys on the kitchen table, get a key rack to hang your keys on. If you have mail but don’t have time to read through it right then, have a basket designated for your mail. Your mail is out of the way and it’s in a designated spot. It’s a higher chance that it won’t get thrown away by accident or overlooked.

You never realize how much stuff you collect over time until you go through and declutter. I’ve decluttered before and found all kinds of things that I thought I’d lost, and once I found it, I immediately want to hold on to it…the hoarder in me comes from my grandmother.

I think we all have a little bit of hoarder in us. It is an evil spirit and you must stay away from it! Your closet will thank you!


Never underestimate the power of a plant in your apartment. Whether it’s real or fake, a plant just adds an element of style and class to the decor of your apartment.

Ideally, a real plant would be best, because it’s aesthetically pleasing, but it’s also pleasing to the nose. Now, if you’re a plant killer like myself, then just stick to a fake plant…it’s still aesthetically pleasing, but without the responsibility of being a good plant parent.

From Drab to Fab

From Drab to Fab
When we were younger, putting up a poster of your favorite boy band was probably decoration enough, but as you get older, your taste and style evolves. So, think of your apartment as a blank canvas…free and open to your creative possibilities, with a touch of class.

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