Tips to Style the Perfect Guest Room

Although home staging is a widespread practice among homeowners, most people tend to overlook styling guest rooms in their properties. What they do not know is that preparing your home for visitors is often an enjoyable experience. There is somethingfulfilling about making your house comfortable and welcoming to visitors.

The best template when enhancing your guest room is an elegant 5-star hotel suite. Think of what typifies such rooms and try to match it. Even if you do not have a budget to create a perfect match, setting such a high bar ensures that the room is free of clutter, has all the necessities, and, more importantly, provides a relaxing environment.

Here are some of the steps you need to follow to create the perfect guest room.

Invest in a Comfortable Bed

Some homeowners usually place the oldest mattresses in their possession in the guest room. Besides creating a negative impression, such behaviourmakes the space unwelcoming and uncomfortable. Instead, you should invest in a mattress that you would happy to sleep on yourself. Some of the options you can pick include memory foam mattresses and air mattressesbecause they are durable and adjust to the body of the sleeper.
Invest in a Comfortable Bed

Purchase Quality Bedding

Similar to mattresses, it is essential to ensure that you have high-quality bedding in your guest room. Consider investing in several pillows, cozy comforters, multiple blankets, and pillowcases. More importantly, the linen should be clean.

You should also include extra linen to cater to the visitors who like changing sheets before leaving. Extras also ensure that the guests have an easy time in case the spread linens get soiled.

Leave Space for Luggage

It is vital to leave adequate space to enable your visitors to place their luggage. The way you arrange the room should be such that the left space is enough to accommodate suitcases and other personal items. If the room has a cabinet, make sure that the coat hangers, drawers, and shelves are emptied before the visitors arrive. Lastly, make sure that you leave room for frequently used items such as jewellery and toiletries.

Emphasize Privacy

Nothing is as awkward as running into your guest as they walk out of the bathroom, or having to deal with bedroom doors that do not shut completely. It is advisable to confirm that the doors to the guest room are in prime condition at all times. Also, consider having a designated bathroom for your visitors.
Emphasize Privacy

Provide Entertainment

Another way of making your guest room more welcoming is by adding recreational features. For instance, you could install a TV set. Make sure that the remote control is easily accessible so that your guest does not have to leave the bed to turn the TV off.

Alternatively, you can share your beautiful reads with your visitors. Preferably, you should include books covering a variety of topics so that the guest can pick their favourite. Ensure that you also have a reading desk with a reliable lamp.

Lastly, make sure that the guest room has an internet connection. If you use Wi-Fi, write the password down and place it under the bedside lamp.


A perfect guest room is not the one with only the best features – it is the one that feels like home. The best way of assessing the warmth of a space is by spending a night in the room after implementing the tips mentioned in this article.

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