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Tips to Prepare Yourself for The Big Moving Day

Tips to Prepare Yourself for The Big Moving Day


What to do before a move? Answer: many things! Between the steps to contact the Budget Truck Rental and the formalities of changing your address, your list of tasks that you must complete is long. For this reason, preparing your move well is extremely important for everything to go smoothly. Here are the steps to follow to plan a peaceful move!

Start organizing your move: 2 to 3 months before

Contact professional movers: Their availability depends on the period when you decide to move, knowing that in high season a notice period of two months is necessary. Contact several providers as soon as possible. And this will give you time to review the quotes and compare the prices to plan a move within your budget. Once you have chosen your mover, make sure that he gives you a consignment note (the follow-up of each stage of the move). Also, make sure you get a declaration of value (an overall estimate of everything he will transport). Moreover, check that he has good insurance!

Are your loved ones volunteering to help you? Notify them well in advance, especially if they have to take a day off for the occasion. Don’t forget to plan the rental of a van or a utility vehicle!

Are your children in school? Organizing your move also involves planning a change of school for the little wolves. Contact their institute to request a NOC or TC, an essential document for their new registration. If you don’t move too far, they can also finish the school year at their current school.

The trick: Have you thought about asking for a day off? Some employers (in the private and in the public sector) offer off days to prepare for their move with complete peace of mind. Ask your HR department or your employer directly! Here are some other things you can do two months before your big moving day.

Prepare your move and your boxes: 1 month before


Four weeks before the big moving day, it’s time to prepare your move for good. Bring plenty of boxes and arm yourself with bubble wrap to avoid breakage. Go for small boxes: they will be lighter when full, so easier to transport! Start putting away the things you don’t need every day. And this will save you time on the home stretch.

With the help of a marker, indicate on each carton its content and its destination room in your new house: this will avoid confusion during unloading. Moreover, you will not need to open the boxes one by one to find the bottle opener or the electric toothbrush!

What to do with all the food before a move? During the month between you and your moving day, take stock of the contents of the fridge and freezer. Eat what may not survive the trip!
Who will keep the little ones? With young children, a move can quickly turn into a nightmare. Arrange to have them on the scheduled date for babysitting. If you have pets, think about the best way to make them live this long day.

Moving formalities and last boxes: 1 week before


Planning a move also means making sure everyone is ready. Confirm your moving procedures: check the availability of professional movers and your friends; check that you’ve considered the rental of the truck or the furniture repository. If someone has promised to lend you moving straps, be sure if the offer is still valid.

Dismantle furniture, at least which you will not expressly need during the last week. Unless, of course, if you’re expecting the movers to take care of it! A word of advice: put the screws in a plastic bag that you will attach to the furniture in question to avoid losing screws, bolts and swirls.

Finish packing everything that is left, except everyday items and toiletries that will serve you until the last moment. Unplug and store your hi-fi devices. Set aside valuables and important documents (jewelry, credit cards, chequebooks, identity documents, insurance certificates, etc.) and place them in a separate box that you will carry with you on the day of the move.

Tip: reserve a parking space for the moving truck. Do it especially if the departure and arrival points are in big cities where it is notoriously impossible to find a place!

What to do before a move: tips on the eve of Moving Day

Tomorrow it’s your moving day! Here are some final tips for a successful move:

  • Keep cash for emergencies and small expenses.
  • Plan to drink and snack during the day.
  • Prepare your washing machine for the big trip: unplug it, empty the hose and tighten the drum with the three screws supplied with the appliance.
  • Preparing for a move also means putting aside the essentials: a suitcase containing the necessities for the first night in your new home; A first-aid kit; a box of hygiene products for a quick cleaning in your new home.
  • Finally, plan a nice snack to reward your moving friends!

Your steps to change your address: before or after the move?


Although you can do your address change after the move, we recommend that you plan some of them. For example, one to two months before the scheduled date, contact your energy suppliers to warn them of your situation. If necessary, a technician will come and read the meters.

Organizing your move also involves modifying your subscription contracts with telecommunications operators. It includes the internet, fixed and mobile phones, cable and satellite. You also need to request the redirection of your mail to your new address. Also notify your bank, your insurers and your employer as soon as possible.


That’s it – it’s all you need to have a peaceful moving day. You must inform the administrations and social organizations of your change of address (taxes, health insurance, mutual insurance, family allowance fund, etc.). You can take care of these formalities even after the move.

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