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Tips to Keep Your Jade Plant Growing and Thriving

Whether you get it as a gift from a well-wisher or you grow it on your own, having a jade plant in the house is always a good thing. Native to South Africa, jade plants are said to bring good luck to the house and hence are popular as housewarming gifts. But, you can also grow them for their pretty looks and resilient nature. With their oval shaped leaves and thick stems, jade plants look like small trees. Due to their tree-like appearance, they’re popular in home decor and landscaping. Elegant and hardy, these succulents are easy to grow but hard to kill. They’re perfect for beginner gardeners or those who don’t have much time for gardening. You don’t need to know a lot of gardening to grow and care for jade plants. Here are a few tips to help you keep your jade plants growing and thriving.

Don’t Overwater the Plant 

The most important thing to know when growing a jade plant is its watering requirements.  Instead of keeping a tight schedule for watering, simply check the soil before giving water to the plant. If the soil is moist to the touch, it doesn’t need water immediately. Only water the plants if the soil is dry. And never overwater jade plants as that can lead to root rot. If you find that your plant is dying despite your attempts, it’s probably getting too much or too little water. You can learn to save your plant here. Just learn when and how to water it and your jade will live strong and long! 

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Give Them Ample Sunlight

Another requirement of these succulents is indirect sunlight. Give them ample sunlight and your jade plants will flourish. While these plants can easily adapt to warmer and even hot temperatures, they  can’t grow in the freezing cold. Whether your plant is young or old, it needs at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight daily. But these plants don’t like direct sunlight on them, so ensure that they don’t get direct rays. So, make sure that your plant is placed in a location where it can get the maximum sunlight but not directly on the plant.

Know When to Feed the Plant

When we say that jade plants are easy to grow and care for, we really mean it. These succulents are fairly resilient and undemanding. They don’t require regular scheduled fertilizing. In fact it is very important to know when to feed fertilizer to jade plants. For most jade plants, you can fertilize them every six months with a water soluble fertilizer. But, if the soil is dry, don’t fertilize the plants as this will damage the roots. 

When taking care of jade plants, the main things to consider are sunlight, water, and fertilizer. Also, if you see dead or drying leaves or stems, prune the plants properly. You can even give them shapes like bonsai trees. Once you know how to use these tips effectively, you’ll see your jade plants flourish and thrive!

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