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Tips On Making Your Backyard Look Like A Million Bucks

Tips On Making Your Backyard Look Like A Million Bucks

When you have a boring backyard, it makes your home look unmemorable and plain. It would help if you did not write it off as you can transform the backyard into a beautiful space where your family can spend holidays, weekends and evenings. You can also host a party in your backyard and enjoy your time with friends. Transforming a backyard does not have to cost an arm and a leg. It is possible to have an attractive backyard even when on a budget. The following are tips on making your backyard look like a million bucks, which will make your visitors pause in awe.

Give Your Deck A Facelift

As decks age, they take on a grungy grey look, reflecting on the entire backyard, making it look unappealing. You can start by cleaning the deck using a household cleaner and some elbow grease; this will take a few years off its appearance. Wooden decks should be scrubbed with a soft brush and oxygenated bleach to get rid of dirt and mildew. This should be followed by sand cleaning and a coat of protective stain. Deck cleaning should be done in spring to avoid further stressing the deck as experienced during the summer.

Update Your Plants

Add new plants to your backyard garden to revitalize the space. When choosing your plants, try and pick a theme to make the garden look organized. You can go for a tropical, exotic, or European theme for your garden. Alternatively, you can pick your theme based on color, for example, all-white or violet flowering plants.

Consider the condition of your backyard, such as sunlight penetration, when picking your new plants. Also, thoroughly cultivate the soil before planting and ensure that it is fluffy to give your plants a great start. Ensure that you purchase your plants from a credible nursery. The plant stock should be healthy with strong roots that are not pot-bound. To get affordable plants, buy them in the form of tubes, bulbs, cuttings, or seeds.

Refurbish And Repair Outdoor Furniture

Lounge chairs and patio sets are costly to replace, instead, consider refurbishing existing outdoor furniture. If you have metal furniture, wire-brush them to clean flaking paint, and finish with a rust remover. Apply several primer coats and paint in a fashionable color to give the entire set a fresh appearance.

Furniture with natural fiber should be kept indoors at night and during stormy weather to prolong its life. Older worn out pieces of furniture can be freshened with boiled linseed oil and turpentine mix and then re-stain with lacquer, shellac, or an oil-based varnish. You can replace the entire outdoor furniture set with new trendy pieces for people who can afford the cost.

Use Mirrors To Create An Illusion Of Space

For a long time, mirrors have been used as room-lengthening decor tricks indoors. However, you can use the same trick outdoors to amplify your yard size without purchasing more space. Tuck mirrors along fences, planters, and large yard decor for light reflection and creates an illusion of a bigger space. Your chosen mirrors should withstand outdoor temperature and weather changes. Also, please place them in areas where birds do not frequent to prevent collisions.

Install A Swimming Pool


Nothing makes a statement of luxury and elegance than a swimming pool in a backyard. The best type of pool is an in-ground pool, but you can go for an above ground pool if you are on a budget. With an in-ground pool, you can customize it to your liking using trendy finishes such as fiberglass, tiles, or pebbles. If you have young children, ensure that you install a protective barrier around the pool to limit the young ones’ access when an adult is not close by.

Alternatively, if you cannot install a swimming pool, you can install a small water fountain. Place the water fountain in a central place where it is visible to everyone accessing the backyard.

Pool Resurfacing

Your swimming pool is a recreation space where your family spends quality leisure time at any time of the day. However, over time, the surface materials on your pool get damaged. You will notice discoloration of the plaster, rust stains, or peeling paint. Other signs of a damaged pool include flaking, cracks in the structure, and fiber wearing off. Once, you notice the signs; contact a pool resurfacing company to assess your pool to give you a clear way forward. A Fort Lauderdale pool resurfacing company will advise you on the best material to use depending on your swimming pool’s age and budget.

Install A Pergola

If you already have a patio or deck, it may be an extension of your living space on one of your walls. If you are among the people who love living outdoors during the summer or want protection from stormy weather, consider installing a pergola. A pergola enlarges your living space and enables you to spend more time outdoors. 

A pergola is correctly designed and oriented into your space. It casts ample light to make your warm afternoon enjoyable. You can also install a shade that retracts for additional protection and shade. Other shade covers protect from light rain, which is ideal for unpredictable summer storms. Pergolas are made from various materials such as pressure-treated wood, cedar wood, and fiberglass; your choice will depend on your financial ability.

Lawn Ornaments

Add accents and lawn decorations that portray your style. You can add ceramic animals between shrubs and plants to bring out a wildlife theme and place wind chimes on tree branches for music provision or add driftwood near a deck or porch to create a coastal theme. For night time enjoyment, torches provide a flame element while also adding a tropical feeling to the yard.

Add A Fire Pit


A fire pit increases the appeal of any backyard. You can build one from wall stones or purchase a metal one, which is more budget friendly. Leave enough space around the pit where you can place furniture and bond with your friends and family while cooking marshmallows.

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