Tips on How to Utilise Plant Pots to Create a Beautiful and Decorative Touch to Your Home

One of the easiest and cheapest ways of adding color to your home is by using plant pots. Because plants come in a wide variety of species, you’ll be able to find one that suits your home’s aesthetics and your lifestyle. Using plant pots in your home doesn’t only add beauty to your space, but it can also bring several health benefits as it cleans the air and regulates ventilation.

There are countless ways on how you can utilize plant pots for your home. But as a homeowner who wants to create the best look for their space, deciding what interior design to follow can become a struggle. To give you a better idea on how you can utilize plant pots better to create a beautiful and decorative touch to your home, take note of the following tips:

1.Use your old carts or benches.

Use your old carts or benches.

Carts and benches can make your life easier as a homeowner, but do you know that these can also help in making your home look beautiful? Style your carts and benches with different types of potted plants. Depending on the size of your carts and benches, you can opt to use potted plants which grow horizontally or vertically. You can use pot plants that have contrasting or complementing colors to your carts and benches.

2.Use different white pots.

The color white is one of the easiest colors to play around with. No matter what theme you have for your home, white will certainly look good with it. If you’re fond of the color white, scout for differently shaped pots and paint them in white. You can use old bowls and tin cans for this purpose. Once you’re done painting, place all of the white pot plants in one area of the house. Using a table and filling it with different white pots can be a great idea.

3.Look for geometric plant pots.

Look for geometric plant pots
You can easily buy pot plants from almost anywhere today. If you want your home to look unique, take time to look for geometric plant pots. This type of plant pots come in a wide variety of designs, and you can get ones that are small, or ones that are huge. Geometric plant pots will look perfect in any desk or table.

4.Learn how to make plant hangers.

Seeing plants inside the home is already common. This trend has been used by many homeowners for years now. If you want to follow a new trend in interior design, learn how to make plant hangers and place your plant pots in them. Because this will only require minimal and cheap materials, you can personalize your plant hangers based on your preferred color and design.

5.Invest in long and hanging plants.

Invest in long and hanging plants.
As mentioned, plants come in different sizes and shapes. You’ll have the liberty to choose whatever plant you want for your home. For additional drama, look for plants that grow vines. Using these plants as your home décor doesn’t only make your rooms memorable, but it can also help you alleviate stress.

6.Make DIY plant pots.

Contrary to popular belief, using plant pots in your home will not require you to break the bank; there are actually cheaper ways on how you can enjoy this home décor. Instead of buying plant pots, consider making them yourself. If you have old mugs and cans, paint them in different colors and designs. You can even include your name or significant dates in these DIY plant pots.

7.Come up with your own plant corner.

Come up with your own plant corner
It’s a waste to have any blank space at your home. Not only are you wasting your investment but you’re also increasing the chances of germs to grow inside your home. If you have unfilled areas in your home, consider having your own plant corner. Depending on the size of your available space, your plant corner can have big pots, mounted shelves, and hanging plants. If you’re leaning towards this direction, just make sure that you have the time and energy to maintain its cleanliness.

Health First

In order to create the best look for your home using plant pots, always prioritize the health of your plants. No matter how festive your pots are, if your plants are already wilting, your home will never look better. Worse, your home can become the breeding ground of germs in the long run. Make sure that you steer away from this direction by prioritizing the health of your plants all the time.

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