Tips on Getting the Best Bean Bag Filler for Superior Creature Comforts

There is quite nothing to beat these bags. A lot of this has got to do with the fact that individuals can recline in any position and the bags will offer full support. The firm support without the hardness of metal or wood makes the bag a lot more comfortable and cozy. The flexibility is unrivaled, in that it permits the individual to change his or her posture, without the need to make any adjustments to the furniture. Composed of the little beans that make up the bag, it is necessary to refill/replace the contents periodically. Here are a few tips on getting it right.

Why Refill/Replace?

This question may sometimes cross your mind. Unlike other forms of furniture, the whole bag is an aggregation of tiny beans that give it its unique shape and quality. However, the little beads that form the bags are likely to get compressed over time and lose their elasticity or ability to expand back when released from the weight of the occupant. The little beads are subjected to the effects of weight, gravity, and wear and tear. It is, therefore, necessary to refill the bags for enjoying the cozy comfort. If the bags are not refilled, the distinct supportive quality will decline, leading to lesser comfort levels.

Various Fillers Available In The Market

If you are looking for the best bean bag filler, you can start looking at the popularly available fillers that outsell all other types. Four types of fillers offer greater comfort and are easily available at affordable costs. The longevity of the fillers and their quality makes them more popular among others. Here is a quick look at the four.

Expanded Polypropylene beads

Also known as EPP, these beads are popular due to their elasticity. When released after compression, the beads regain their natural form easily and swiftly. The beads are lightweight, making it the ideal refilling material. However, users need to ensure that fire hazards are eliminated as the beads inflammable.

Smallest fillers – the Microbeads

Measuring just 1mm in diameter microbeads are plastic beads which are more suitable for smaller bags and occupants. This gives ultra comfort to occupants because of it small cross-section, round shape, and smooth texture. The downside is the inability to refill large bags because the tiny beads would be unsuitable for supporting bigger mass and volumes.

Expanded Polystyrene beads

Popularly known as EPS, this is a fast-moving refill material, that owes its popularity to its lightweight quality, combined with the ability to support heavyweight occupants. One of the most durable options, it turns out to be one of the most affordable options as it lasts longer. By being a plastic derivative, it is nonbiodegradable, like the Styrofoam cups.

Memory foam

Popularly called as compressed foam, it widely used for refilling. The overall size and cross section of the foam makes it bigger than other refilling materials. The foam is special by its unique foam density, not seen in other materials. However, the large-sized foam makes it unsuitable for refilling bags that are meant for use by occupants who desire greater flexibility in the bags.

Quick tips to choose refilling material that is most appropriate

If you have a bag that is meant for use by little children and people with smaller frames, weight, you need to choose refilling material that is smaller in size, as the microbeads. But, if you have a bag that is meant for use by large sized people, then microbeads may not be the best choice. Similarly, if you want the bags to be very flexible, then you should go for some forms of beads more than foam, as the foam has relatively lesser flexibility than beads. Foam offers greater comfort and depth, but are not the best when it comes to readjust body weight and shape quickly.

Always choose a reputed seller for the refilling material, and ensure that you pick up the right volume. Depending on the size of the nags and the intended use, you may need tow bags to refill one bean bag. When you get your material from a reputed and licensed reseller, you will greatly reduce the possibilities of toxin levels in the material.

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