Tips on Getting a Home Remodel Contractor

So you’re ready to renovate the kitchen, or have finally picked the right bathtub for your bathroom. You might not have the time or the skills to embark on a DIY project. That means you’ll have to look for a remodeling contractor to help with the job. Getting the right contractor can be a challenging endeavor. In most instances, you will be depending on the internet to look for an experienced contractor. There are some tips that will come in handy in your search and we’re going to highlight some of them.

Get Recommendations

Get Recommendations

The first thing you should be doing is ask for recommendations. There is a high likelihood that your friends or family might know someone they could refer you to. It will be a lot easier to work with a recommended contractor compared to someone you’ve found on the internet. Good contractors will make it convenient to get in touch with them. You should be worried when a contractor lacks basic information such as a website or reliable contact details.

Compare Portfolios

It is imperative that you’re choosing a contractor that is specialized and experienced in the renovation you’re looking for. A person that specializes in bathroom remodels might not be ideal for a kitchen makeover. You also want to look for a contractor with a creative mind because there is no one project that is the same. Make sure to ask the contractors to provide references for projects, especially those they’ve handled in the last year. A good contractor should have their portfolio ready at all times. It might be physical or listed images on their website. An experienced contractor will have at least 10 projects in their portfolio. You should be wary of a contractor that doesn’t have a portfolio.

License and Certification

License and Certification
At the point of verifying their credentials, you should have at least narrowed the potential list to around eight names. To narrow it even further, you should be asking for their license. Any contractor that claims a license is not necessary will be lying and you should quickly move to the next one. The legal requirements may vary from one state to another. The contractor also needs to be properly insured as anything could happen on the job. The company that you intend to work with should have worker’s compensation and liability insurance so that you’re not liable in case something happens. Mark off those contractors that are hesitant to provide their credentials.

Check References

Once you’ve narrowed down based on the licensing, the next thing would be to check references. This is standard practice and a reputable contractor shouldn’t have a problem when you ask for references. A reference list should have the projects and corresponding names and telephone numbers. You can go ahead and call a few of the provided references. Ask about the quality of service and the kind of communication they experienced working with the contractor. Some of the questions you should be asking include:

  • Were you satisfied with the quality of work?
  • Did the contractor stay on schedule?
  • Was the cost reasonable?
  • How did the contractor address potential issues?

Get Bids

Get Bids
Once you’ve called the references, you’ll have done away with any contractor with subpar work. There could be around four contractors remaining. Ask them for bids on your project. A good contractor will break down the cost estimates so that you’re aware of what you’re paying for. The bid should include a timeline of the project and the different phases involved. It should be noted that going for the lowest bid is not always the best decision. Working with a reliable and experienced contractor like KG Lime Plastering will ensure that you’re getting value for money. The materials that are used will differ from one contractor to another. Think about what you want to achieve with the renovation. Going for cheap products will not be the best solution if you want to avoid unnecessary repairs in the future.

Have a Written Contract

Make sure there is a written contract with the contractor so that everyone is clearly aware of what is expected of them. The contract will include the cost and working arrangements with the contractor.

To sum it up, it is important to do research if you’re to get a skilled and experienced contractor for your home remodel project. No stone should be left unturned when vetting the contractors. It is the contractor that will bring your vision into reality and that is why it is crucial to be thorough with the selection process.

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