How to Optimize Your Home When a Parent Moves In

Due to a myriad of circumstances, there comes a time in many people’s lives when a mom, a dad, a great-uncle, or otherwise moves into an already established household. None of us can predict the future, and we certainly can’t always foresee the health of our loved ones.

It’s an adjustment when a family member moves in that can sometimes feel challenging. There are many things to consider in terms of your family’s wellbeing. You might have to rearrange a few rooms and have constructive discussions on how your loved one will be cared for.

It’s particularly challenging if this individual is suffering from a chronic illness such as Alzheimer’s disease. But with the right support system, you can make it work and help to bring joy to your loved one’s life.

If someone you love is moving into your home, consider how you can make the situation optimal for all members of your family.

Find the Right In-Home Healthcare Service Provider

First things first: you’re going to need assistance. You can’t tackle this alone. Find a home healthcare provider that offers integral services such as dementia support in your home as well as palliative care, in the event that your loved one becomes progressively ill with a terminal disease.
Find the Right In-Home Healthcare Service Provider

The right home healthcare provider will offer a talented staff of Personal Support Workers and Registered Practical Nurses who will support your loved one in any way possible. They’ll assist with everything from grocery shopping, cooking nutritious meals, bathing, cleaning, to providing specialized health services such as wound care and medication management, as required.

Your loved one’s healthcare should be put in the hands of professionals so you can spend quality time with them without having to worry.

Home healthcare services allow your family member to enjoy the comforts of living at home, being around family, and living a joyful, independent life.

Discuss Accommodations in Advance

Unless you have several empty rooms in your house, you’re going to have to make some living adjustments. Not everyone will be happy so it’s important to sit down with your family to have a real, candid discussion about the upcoming changes in your living situation.

You might have to pair up the kids in one room or convert the TV room into a bedroom. You’ll also need to make a few modifications around the house.
Discuss Accommodations in Advance
It’s wise to hire a contractor who is a comforts of living at home — an individual who has been trained to refurbish homes specifically for Seniors with their health and safety in mind.

A few modifications to consider include:

  • Installing handrails in bathrooms and along staircases
  • Applying non-stick tape on stairs
  • Securing area rugs and carpets

The main thing to keep in mind is to keep the house safe and comfortable. It might be a slight investment at first but it will be worth it.

Inviting a Senior loved one into your home is a special opportunity for the entire family. The memories that will be created are going to be cherished for the rest of your life.

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