Tips for Transforming Your Room into a Productive Study Space

Good college life cannot be complete without an ideal space for study. It is easy to get demotivated and distracted and end up having poor results. An adequate study space is not a popular thing in college, and most students overlook it. You could end up taking a semester break if you do not put effort into your study space. So whether you are in school or operating from home, you must ensure that you set up your space right. A dorm setup can be very frustrating and difficult to concentrate on. It gets even worse when you have a roommate with an active lifestyle. There are numerous experts on custom dissertation services that can help you to create the best study space that could boost our productivity. Below are some helpful tips.

Get rid of distractions

Get rid of distractions

Items such as the TV, your iPad, and your phone are critical distractors when studying for an effective study when in your room, ensure that the TV is turned off and you are facing away from it. Some people could argue that they study best with some background noise. Regardless of this, make sure you are in a position that you will have total concentration on the study. The internet is a very busy and entertaining place. You could easily get carried away and your focus diverted to other things. You can consider some third-party tools that will help block sited that might distract you from your studies.

Tidy up

An organized and tidy space is suitable for staying focused. Reduce the clutter on your desk that can make you feel demotivated, anxious, and distract you. Before starting your study session, clear your desk about unnecessary things for your study and remain with the relevant tools. Have all you need within reach so that you will not keep getting up and down.

Have the right temperature and lighting

Your environment will most likely affect your concentration. Your concentration will depend on the comfort of your body. If it is too hot or cold or you are straining to see, then most definitely, your concentration will be affected. If the temperature is unpredictable, get an AC or a fan to regulate the temperatures. Also, consider your dress code to ensure that you are comfortable. 

Make sure you have the right lighting that will not harm your eyesight. Strive to use natural light by facing the direction of sunlight. In a place where there is no sun, make sure you have optimum lighting for reading.  

Ensure you are comfortable

Ensure you are comfortable

Comfort is everything. Most students get tempted to study in bed. However, the bed is not the most productive place to do your studying. The comfort of blankets and pillows could easily drive you to sleep in the middle of the study. Ensure that you have the discipline to change the position of you feel you are getting too comfortable. You should have a desk that enables you to have a good sitting posture and comfortably read. Also, take frequent breaks that will help you break the monotony.


Studying is not always fun. Most students struggle to find the best environments to study. Creating your own space for the study is ultimately the best way to get it right and be more comfortable. Consider the above tips and make the best out of your study session.

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