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Tips for Stylistically Adding Charm and Personality to Your Home Decor

When you purchased your house, you didn’t picture that making it look nice would be this challenging. Figuring out how to decorate the interior to match your personality isn’t just tough if you have never done it before – it’s also subjective. 

Your house is a place of comfort in a world where you can easily get lost, surrounded by millions of tasks, faces, and sounds that all end up blending together. Sometimes all you can see is a deconstructed chaos that leaves you with a feeling of isolation and stress, especially if you live in a busy city. This is why you need to make your house into a place of comfort where you feel comfortable, protected, and happy. 

Interior designers cannot stress enough the importance of transforming your house according to your preferences and personality. Your home should make you happy, uplift your spirits, and help you unwind. Decorating the space is the perfect opportunity to have some fun and discover more about yourself. Playing with fabrics, textures, colours, trinkets, patterns, and accessories are great ways to personalise the space and make it feel like your safe haven. Building a space meant for you can help your self-love and confidence. 

Here are some tips on how to let your personality shine through your home

Play with the furniture

Before picking decorations and accessories, you must shop for furniture. Make sure you pick comfortable, in-line, and practical items that match your preferences. Your furniture should reflect your individual style, so if you love nude hues, look for items in earthy shades. The furniture must match the way you live, and items like chairs and couches are the ideal things to make your living comfortable while adding visual appeal. Look for furniture upholstered in fabrics like cotton, linen, velvet, and wool because they add a sense of extra comfort. 

Treat your walls like art galleries

Artistic features are highly personal and can help you conjure a mood and vibe for your house. While your friends might like to display their collectables, you might prefer to display artwork. You don’t have to paint or create them yourself; you can purchase them from an online store specialising in wall art. For example, The Made at Number 7 photography collection is rich in artwork you can use to create a wall gallery. You should treat at least one of the walls in your house like an art gallery if you want to bring your personal style inside. It might sound expensive to decorate an entire wall with artwork, but you can find bargains at online shops, antique stores, and peddlers’ malls. You can also look online for prints of artworks, as they’re less expensive than the originals. 

If one of your loved ones creates artwork, ask them to make something for you and hang their piece on a focal point. Every time you look at it, it reminds you of your connection and the experiences you had together. 

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Bring a pop of colour

When you purchase a piece of clothing, the first thing you choose is the colour. Should you purchase it in blue, pink, or yellow? Much like painting a new house, the colour of the walls in each room should match its function and your personality. Just like with shopping for clothes, the options are endless when it comes to the wall colour. The first thing you should do before bringing furniture inside is apply a fresh coat of paint to transform the space. Make a top of your favourite colours and pick one for each room (in accordance with the furniture items you want to purchase). 

Remember that everything in the house has a colour, from the shelving units to your pillows, curtains and doors. Even the fruits and vegetables from your kitchen have colours! When it comes to interior design, all paints, designs, and colours should serve a purpose because, as you already know, colours have a unique effect on emotions and moods. It may sound silly to someone unfamiliar with the concept, but interior designers always consider colour psychology when picking furniture and decorations. 

Pay attention to the lighting

If you’re new to interior design, you may not know that lighting impacts the appearance of a room, from the way the floors look to how you feel. And luckily, you have countless lighting options. The most popular ways lighting can change your space’s personality, and charm include:

– Installing directional lights to highlight particular items in a room

– Adding colourful lampshades and lamps

– Placing paper shades that cast ambient light

– Using multi-tiered lights to create depth

Many homeowners prefer lamps in their bedrooms, but it’s your house, so you shouldn’t let the others’ choices impact yours. 

Make sure your rooms work for you

Just because the previous owners used the living room as a dining room or play space for their children, it doesn’t mean you have to maintain its functionality. It’s your house now, so transform it into the home of your dreams. You may have always dreamt of having nothing else than a huge couch in the living room. Now is the moment to design it. Remember, your house is your sanctuary, and you can decorate it any way you want. 

Inspire from your hobbies

Your hobbies can help you pick the ideal design for your house. If your hobby is travelling, then you can fill the artwork wall with pictures you’ve taken on your trips. If you love movies, hang posters in key areas of the house. Likewise, if you’re a bookworm, install shelves and create your own library in one of the rooms. Stock it with your favourite volumes and authors, so you always have something to read at hand. 

Let’s wrap it up

Interior designers don’t decorate houses simply by copying the models they see in magazines. They first get to know the user and then create a design to match their hobbies, preferences, and daily activities. 

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