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Tips for Office Moving and Packing

Moving your business to a new office can be both exciting and frustrating. There are always things that unexpectedly require more attention: labeling, packing, sorting, wrapping. This process can feel stressful, but no one’s ever said it should go hard on you and your team. Let’s unwrap a few useful pieces of advice that will level up your packing game and make the whole moving process way easier.

Essential tips for office moving

These tips will help you with moving organization no matter how big your company is.

Start as Early as Possible

If your company is big, this is a number one rule ‒ the more possessions you have, the longer the process will take. Your best option here is to start early so the organization will be less messy and more structured.

Invest in Supplies

Packing supplies are not the first thing that springs to mind when you’re thinking about moving out of the office, but it’s clearly an important one. A regular must-have packing supplies list has moving boxes, different wraps ‒ bubble wrap for fragile stuff will lessen the damage, and you’ll also need a lot of tape. Also, don’t pack your markers too early ‒ you’ll need them to label boxes (we’ll talk more about it a bit later).

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Sharing is Caring

A moving process is a great time to do a grand revision of your office possessions and figure out what kind of stuff you won’t need in a new place. Things you won’t need anymore can be donated ‒ this way you won’t have to move extra packages. Also, donating old but still intact furniture, equipment, and supplies to charity will invest a little in your business reputation.

Don’t Forget to Label Everything!

It’s the best way to keep track of your belongings while using box space effectively. Categorize everything and label every box accordingly, and unpacking it all at the new place will be times easier.

Pack Computers and Supplies Carefully.

This equipment costs a lot, so making sure it’s protected from damage is essential. Each computer should be packed individually, every cable should be removed and placed independently ‒ no one likes a mess of cables. Also, wrap the most fragile parts in bubble wrap ‒ we’re talking about monitors, iPads, and other fragile items. You’d also want to back up your in the cloud before moving computers ‒ better safe than sorry. Most electronic equipment has safety labels that give clear instructions on how to pack and move it. These rules are quite common: don’t form stacks of items, keep everything dry, wrap fragile parts, dismount items before moving them.

Be Careful with Furniture.

Office furniture will take up the most space in the freight car. The good news is, you can easily disassemble most tables and storage units. Make sure that glass components are taken down and wrapped independently, and every shelf drawer is secured with tape so it won’t fall open. Also, don’t form heavy stacks as furniture might as well deform or even break under the pressure.

Invest in Insurance.

Accidents happen and you never know when they can happen to you. To make your moving safer and less stressful, insure your property ‒ professional movers and carrier companies usually include insurance in their service packages.

With these tips in mind, there’s one thing left that can make the moving process easier. Hire professional movers or trucking companies to pack and transfer your belongings to the new office. This investment will buy you both time and assurance that your property won’t be damaged or gone missing. Professionals will help you with loading items and carrying them to a new place.

And a final tip: if you feel like you’re going to store a lot of items you’ve packed, renting a storage facility will be a good idea.

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