Tips For Maintaining Above Ground Pool


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Above ground, pools are becoming breathtakingly common as they are cheap and fun to take a swim in. However, with the rewards, they come with struggles as well. They are required to be maintained more carefully than the other option. Otherwise, they retire in the blink of an eye.

Fortunately, maintaining the above-ground pool is not that hard. It does not require much of your time and energy. If you have been struggling to maintain the above-ground pool, the chances are you do not know how to do it correctly. Here are a few tips that would make the job easier for you.

Examine well

Sit around the pool and try examining the above-ground more keenly. List down all things that need your undivided attention and maintenance. Plan things out and take an oath that the pool’s above ground would never be neglected from now on.

Consider installing a sump pump

It is not necessary to have a sump pump when you have a pool in the house. The sump pump can benefit you in many ways. In the pools above ground case, it helps in preventing all kinds of water damage, hazardous mould, and mildew growth. Hire pool service henderson nv.

Ground Pool

Test and maintain the chlorine and pH level

Sweat, chemicals, sunscreen and a few other elements break down the chlorine level. Therefore, it is important to check and maintain the chlorine level to kill bacteria, microorganisms, and algae. The chlorine level can be tested using the stripes, if it is below the suggested level be quick in maintaining it back to perfection.

The pH level is not any less important as it keeps the pool’s water crystal clear. As per the experts, the pool’s pH level should be somewhere between 7 to 7.6. If the pH level is below the suggested point, add soda ash and if it’s above 7.8 maintain it by adding Muriatic Acid or Sodium Bisulfate.

Keep the water moving

The above-ground pools are a bit harder to maintain. The hardest part is to keep the water moving naturally. The above-ground pool water should be circulating all the time to prevent algae growth. The solution to the problem is to have a quality pool pump or return jet. The pool pump is quite effective in keeping the water circulating but the return jet is a better idea.

Avoid sitting on the pool walls

The above-ground pools have delicate walls. The wall does not require much care, you can simply maintain it by not letting anyone sit or stand on it. If it is not avoided, creasing and cracking would occur and you have to look for a replacement.

Consider vacuuming twice a week

The pool filters are usually not efficient enough to remove all the dirt and debris. Keep in mind that you have to clean and maintain the above-ground pool as frequently as you do house cleaning. Consider vacuuming if not more than at least twice a week. The dirt debris that sits on the ground of the pool can only be caught by a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, run the vacuum cleaner to get the dirt and debris out of sight.

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