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Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Cozier

No matter where you live, your home is your safe place. It’s your Fortress of Solitude, a refuge where you can escape the pressures and stresses of everyday life. In our modern, fast-paced world of bustle and business, this peace and relaxation are crucial to maintain a stable frame of mind and a healthy body. 

In a sea of all-but-identical apartments, homes and condominiums, it can sometimes be difficult to make a home your own. When it comes to interior design, the little things really add up, and nowhere is this more apparent than whether or not your home is cozy. There’s nothing worse than coming home to a home that doesn’t make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 

There are a lot of ways to make your home cozier. Most of them are in the field of interior design, involving furniture, decor, fixtures and other similar additions to your home. There is a notable caveat, however: it’s expensive! As you visit furniture stores and home improvement warehouses, you’ll quickly realize that costs add up fast

Don’t abandon hope, though. There are a number of clever ways to improve the atmosphere and ambiance of your home without breaking the bank. With some innovative ideation, you can make your home the coziest little corner in the entire world. Curious how you can do this in your home? Then listen up, because we’re going to tell you! 

Rugs and carpets

No matter how nice your home is, a cold floor is the exact opposite of cozy. How do you remedy this? Carpets and rugs! These simple floor accessories make an appearance in many homes, but often go unnoticed due to how common they are. Nevertheless, if you’re going for cozy, this is one the best places to find that feeling! 

The best thing about carpets is that they’re almost always cheap. Sure, there are plenty of rugs and carpets that will cost you a pretty penny, but those with a good eye for a good deal will almost always be able to find these accessories at exceptionally low prices. Sometimes you’ll even find them for free!

Rugs and carpets come in all shapes and sizes. Some are ornate and luxurious, others are simple and straightforward. See what’s on the market and what suits your tastes best; you never know what you might find! With any luck, you’ll have one of these coziness-inducing floor coverings in your home before you know it. 

Welcoming wall art 

Another way to make your home cozier is by revamping your wall art situation. You might have a family photo or two hanging up, or perhaps some motel art from a yard sale, but we’d be willing to wager that this isn’t cutting it. If you want to really make your home feel cozy, you’ll need to find some wall hangings that make you feel that warm fuzzy feeling whenever you look at them. 

There are a lot of great places to find wall art that fits this description. Yard sales often have such art, often from underappreciated but thoroughly talented local artists. Thrift shops are another great place to look, often selling art that might even be worth something on the market. Don’t forget antique stores either; these are also some of the best places to look! 

If you’re really strapped for cash, you can always just have some prints made of your favorite artwork or photographs. With some double sided tape and a discerning eye, you can make a life-sized collage of wall art featuring your friends and family, instantly inspiring that fuzzy feeling of being at home whenever you look at it. It’s like having your own personal art gallery

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Fairy lights

When it comes to inexpensive ways to make your living space feel cozier, few things really do the trick like a few strings of soft white fairy lights. These gently luminous strings of lights can be found for ridiculously low prices at retail shops, second hand stores and garage sales, and are guaranteed to instantly up the quality of your home decor. 

There are few settings where fairy lights don’t fit. They’re simply one of the most versatile additions you can make to your home’s interior design! Purchase a few strings of these lights and hang them up in your bedroom, living room or kitchen. When you flip the overhead lights off, you’ll be treated to the coziest and most inviting illumination that you’ve ever seen! 

Fairy lights also make a great replacement for night lights, serving to establish a safe and secure environment for those who suffer from panic attacks or anxiety. If you open your eyes in a panic attack in the dead of night, they’ll be there to reassure you with their soft, gently shining glow. They’re one of the best ways to deal with night terrors and other such afflictions! 

Blankets and tablecloths 

This one is a twofer! Blankets and tablecloths may not initially seem to have a lot in common, but these soft cloth rectangles are both excellent ways to make your home more cozy and comfortable. As is the case in most homes, your house likely contains a lot of hard edges and cold surfaces; blankets and tablecloths can help with that! 

Blankets, for one, are a great way to make uncomfortable furniture a bit more comfortable. If you can’t afford a new couch, bed or chair, to replace your rickety old one, try covering it with a blanket. It will add a soft, reassuring element to the room, and it will make the article of furniture a lot more comfortable. That’s a lot easier than restoring the same piece of furniture! 

Tablecloths generally work on the same principle. If your nightstand, kitchen table or duvet is just a bit too austere for your taste, a tablecloth is the best way to inexpensively and instantly make that very same article of furniture cozier and more aesthetically pleasing. If you’re any good at sewing, you can make these with relative ease too! 


While it can be a challenge to make your home cozier on a budget, we hope that we’ve given you some inspiration for this somewhat overwhelming task. We don’t have all the answers (you’ll have to find a real estate agent in your area if you want all the answers), but we do what we can. We hope you enjoyed this article!

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