Preparing Your Pool for a Party



Hosting pool parties is one of the best parts about owning a pool, especially in San Diego. Almost everyone loves to hangout around a beautiful pool while enjoying good food and refreshing drinks. The year-round warm weather of Southern California allows you to have a pool party for nearly every major holiday or event so you need to keep up with regular pool services. Well before your guests arrive at your party, you should hire a local pool service from San Diego to ensure your water is sparkling and your pool features are fully operational so that your event is as memorable as possible.

Of course, a pool party can happen spontaneously so a major part of keeping your pool in pristine condition is having it thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis. Regardless of where you live, here’s what professional pool services will do to keep your pool water clean and your features functional.

General Pool Services

There are multiple benefits to hiring a professional company to regularly service and maintain your pool. In addition to keeping up with the proper maintenance schedule, having consistent pool services not only ensures the water is clear of debris and your chemicals are correctly balanced, but it also ensures your equipment is in good condition so that it’s very unlikely to suddenly stop working during a party. 

Every time they visit, they will examine your pool’s systems and equipment, document their observations and identify if any parts need attention. They will give you detailed insights into the life of your equipment, and make suggestions about repairs or adjustments. You can then use this knowledge to fix what’s necessary well before the date of your pool party.

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Pool Filter Cleaning

Your pool’s filter doesn’t need to be cleaned as often as your pool’s water and surface, but it does require regular cleaning by the professionals, that will take care of it when you’re on a consistent schedule. The smaller your pool is and the more often you use it will require a filter cleaning more frequently, but they should recommend the proper schedule based on your needs.

Cleaning your pool filter on a regular basis is vital to preserving your water’s clarity. When your filter becomes clogged, your water becomes cloudy, which can leave a poor impression on your guests. For this reason, you should have the filter cleaned before your party date to ensure your pool’s water is sparkling clear when your guests arrive.

Equipment Repair

No one likes to be preparing for a pool party and suddenly discover their pool equipment has failed. Whether it’s your pool’s heater or pump, or even the lights around your pool, if you’re planning a pool party, you want to have your equipment working smoothly and efficiently during your fun event. 

When you hire a professional pool services company to inspect, service and maintain your pool on a regular basis, not only can problems be detected before they occur but a reputable company should also offer priority repairs to their regular customers. This means you can get back to enjoying an important aspect of your home right away, and have your equipment repaired or replaced in time for your party.


Taking care of your swimming pool will extend its life and keep it shimmering and clear for those times when a pool party is the perfect way to spend a beautiful day outside with friends and family. But a pool uses a few different complex systems so you don’t have to maintain it yourself. Hiring a professional pool services company will ensure your pool is clean, your equipment is operational, and your pool is the talk of the neighborhood for all the right reasons.

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