Tips For Decorating Your House

Decorating your house is not something we all want to do but to be very honest we all want to stay in a changed environment after every few days. You want a new curtain in your room, a brand new luxurious carpet and a classy furniture.

Decorative ideas can vary depending upon the type of house.

If you have got a Courtyard then there can be some more ideas. If you have made an attic then you can opt for some other options.

In this article we will see what are some ideas to renovate your house. You can change peel and stick wall tiles, paints, antiques and curtains. The only thing to check is affordability and reliability.


  • Renovating your court yard

Get some plant pots. There are a number of pots available in the market. For the sides you can have some  rectangular shaped pots. Money plant or some vines will be the vest option for such long pots.

Secondly you can have some swings. Many eastern families tend to have some swings and tables for their courtyard. It can be a sort of duty if you have bought wooden furniture.

You can also change the outlook. If you love some retro styles then antique bells and wall hangings. The flood lights can also be decorated with some attractive covers as well.

Changing the enamel can also be an option.

Many women like to have bright and polished doors.

  • Neutral paints

If you have got a small house. Then it is advisable to have light colors in your living  area. Light colors can create a broader sense.

Neutral colors can be helpful for deciding some bright accessories as well. Choosing the color can be an option for decorating your walls and there are no hard and fast rules in deciding colors.

You can choose any color depends upon your taste but you have to be a very smart person. You can not just rely on the paint. Wallpapers are also as option. Light colors are still preferable.

If you own a large and wide house then again you can have some dark colored walls. But only one bright wall in a room  this will also make them look bigger.

  • Sofa facing chairs

Attractive and classy furniture is all what we need for a luxurious house. The only thing we must keep in mind is the direction of sofas. You can have some L shaped sofas. The direction of these arm chairs matter a lot. It requires a lot of sensibility because there are a lot of other furniture to put in the same place.

  • Mirrors mirror on the wall

Mirrors are not an expensive item. They can enhance the charm of your house by many folds. Steel lined mirrors are thought to be form the ancient culture

While hanging mirrors make sure that  they are not facing the windows directly. Otherwise there would be a very bright reflection.

  • Place the rugs

Rugs are something we do not prefer much. They are very attractive if placed at the right spot. While buying the rugs make sure that their designs and colors are in contrast with the walls and curtains.

Never ever puts some furniture on the rugs. This will hide the design and they would not be of any use.

  • Decorating bathrooms and kitchen

For bathrooms and kitchen we have tiles and wallpapers  always select some  good textured tiles.

Designed tiles are best for kitchen but as far as bathroom tiles are concerned then two things can never be ignored. Firstly they must be water proof other wise your tiles will gradually fade off and break. Secondly, make sure that their color is not a dark one, specifically in case of bathroom floors. Dark tiles are difficult to clean.

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