Tips For Buying Furniture

If you’re in your early twenties, buying furniture might not be in your list of priorities. There are exams to worry about and life happens so quickly without you even noticing. You might be looking to furnish a new apartment or home but don’t know how to go about the process. Getting high-quality furniture at the right price can be a tricky endeavor. You might have to shop around before you can finally get what you’re looking for. Here are some tips that will come in handy when shopping for furniture.

Know Wood Types

Not all wood is the same and that is where the quality distinction comes in. You might have to pay more if you’re looking for solid furniture. Such furniture is also susceptible to scratches, a fact that you should have in mind when making the selection process. If you’re on a budget, you could opt for wood vineer but shouldn’t expect the same quality that you’d get in solid wood. The cheapest furniture will be made from composite wood. It is not recommended to buy such furniture because you might have to replace them sooner than you think.
Know Wood Types


Lifestyle is going to play a major role in determining the kind of furniture that you buy. You might be living in a small apartment and have challenges because of space limitations. In such circumstances, you could look for the best futons for everyday sleeping as they can serve two functions. You will also look at the colors, style, and aesthetic considerations when choosing furniture to buy for your house. In case you have kids or pets, it will be a good idea to stick to dark colors.


You will need to be realistic about the colors that you go for. You shouldn’t necessarily go for an orange couch just because you have the color painted in your living room. Experts recommend sticking to neutral colors, especially if you’re buying expensive furniture. You can always change the colors on the wall but the same can’t be said of your furniture.

Inspect the Legs

Make sure to inspect the legs of the furniture that you’re buying. Ideally, you should be looking for heavy legs that are jointed to the frame. Rubber and plastic don’t look nice for furniture legs. They also don’t provide the support and durability that you’d want for your furniture. In case you’re spending more than $1,000 on furniture, make sure that it has a fifth leg in the middle.

Check Springs

Check Springs
If you love firm sofas, it is imperative that you’re checking for those that have the conventional coil spring. For comfort and a softer feel, you should be looking for a sofa with a zig-zag coil. Make sure you’re taking off the cushion and examining the springs before you buy the sofa. A good sofa is one where the coils push down and pull back immediately.

Testing the Cushions

For sofas, you should look for those that have removal cushions with a softcover. Firm cushions are likely to last longer over time and will definitely hold better. It is also recommended that you spend more on cushions if you want them to last longer.

Buying at the Right Time

Furniture prices don’t stay the same throughout the year. There are months of the year when they’re at their lowest and this will be the perfect opportunity to start shopping. You’re likely to get good deals around Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day. You just have to be vigilant when there is an offer. You don’t have to buy all the furniture all at once. For the best deals, you can wait around Christmas where furniture stores will be pushing to get rid of the stock.

Don’t Rule Out Used Furniture

Don’t Rule Out Used Furniture
You can find some amazing vintage pieces when you go to used furniture stores. You just have to make sure that you’re doing a thorough inspection. You don’t want to bring bed bugs into your house because of used furniture. Once you’ve determined that the furniture is in good condition, you should have it treated before bringing it into your house.

To sum it up, shopping for furniture doesn’t have to be that much of a challenge, provided you know what you’re looking for. There are hundreds of options in the market and the internet has made it easy to search for the furniture of your choice. If you’re savvy enough, you can even get free furniture as there are people who will get rid of furniture just because they have stains on them and nothing more.

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