Things You Need to Know When Buying a Shower Door or Enclosure

The first and foremost thing is the size of your bathroom while you purchase a glass shower enclosure for it. You can indeed get any size of shower enclosure but you have to measure the things correctly. Take a measuring tape and find the height and width of the area where you want your shower door to be placed. 

After getting the measurements of your available space, you have to choose the design and type of your shower glass. If you have a spacious restroom, then there is no problem in going for a swinging door. 

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Don’t exceed your budget

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While finalizing the shower door properties, it is a must-do thing to have a budget in your mind. Make a budget that you can afford because there are a variety of shower enclosures at different prices. If you don’t fix your budget, then you will end up exceeding it and create other financial problems for yourself.

Location of shower enclosure

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A big problem for the homeowners while deciding on shower doors is the location of the glass door. They get stuck in thinking that they should place the shower box in the corner, center, or a separate area of the bathroom. 

The location of your shower box is critically important as the shower tray and type of enclosure depend upon it. Most people love to place their enclosure in the corner of their bathroom. You can choose your location according to your taste.

Thickness of glass panels and type of shower glass

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 The thicker the glass, the better the quality! It is very true. If you want your shower enclosure to give you a good life, then opt for a good thickness shower glass for your bathroom. The thickness of shower boxes varies from 4mm to 10mm. While 4mm and 6mm are considered inexpensive shower glass and if you don’t like thick glass, then going for a 4mm is a good option. Whereas the 8mm and 10mm glass is for luxurious purposes that are made with premium high quality materials. 

While choosing the glass type for your shower enclosure, always look for an easy clean coating glass. Such glass reduces the risk of mold build-up and is durable, and easy to clean.

The texture of the glass

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Textured glass shower doors are installed to give obscurity without affecting the natural light coming inside the enclosure. With several designs, there is a wide range of textured glass enclosures to choose from.

If you demand privacy in your shower box, then going for a textured rain water shower door is the best option. The rain textured glass is textured on the inside and has a rain pattern on the outside of the glass. It is a good decorative option that offers privacy too. 

The frame type for your enclosure

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At last, you have to decide the frame type for your enclosure. A perfect frame option allows you to showcase your shower space, especially any tile work or the modern hardware inside. The most common frames used are:

  • Framed glass doors 
  • Frameless glass doors 
  • Semi-frameless glass doors

You can choose any of the above-given frame types according to your choice. Framed glass doors are a little inexpensive while the frameless ones use thick glass compared to the framed ones and hence are a little pricey. 

Why install a glass shower door?

Glass shower doors have gained popularity in recent years and people are replacing their shower curtains with shower doors rapidly. The glass enclosures add style and elegance to your bathroom and turn an old bathroom into a new one. These glass doors are highly customizable, versatile, and durable. 

So, if you want to buy a shower enclosure for your restroom, read the article once again and get it right away from your nearest market. If you want the shower box to reach your doorstep, then you can visit the Glass Genius website to choose the design and type of your shower door. 

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