5 Things to Motivate Students to Do More in Study Room

Making things interesting for the students has never been easy, but with the involvement of technology in our daily lives, this task has become even more difficult.

Conventional study methods are now not as effective as they used to do because students have tons of other fast-paced learning options available. To make things fun and worthwhile, teachers have to get a hold of new approaches and implement them in their classes.

Expecting students to do more in the classroom without tapping into their interests is too much to ask for. If you are a teacher who wants your students to enjoy their studies, then the following are some of the things you can try in accordance with your subject.

1. Bring in a Microscope


Believe it or not, the microscope is one of the pieces of equipment that intrigues students, and all their interests will shift from other things to this. Find a microscope from MicroscopeCrew

and ensure great class participation.

If you can incorporate a microscope in your subject, then you should get one for your students. They will show their interest, but they will learn a lot of things in a precise manner. Students get excited to use things they haven’t experienced before, and if you provide them with a new experience, they will surely do more in your class.

2. Incorporate Some Tools for Experiment

Tools for Experiment

There are various types of tools for experiments depending on the subject. Most of the subjects have room to incorporate tools in typical class lectures. Subjects such as biology, chemistry, physics, computers, etc., all have tools specifically designed to cater to their needs.

If you want to make your classroom an interactive one, bringing in tools for multiple experiments is a great option. It will keep the students interested and give them some room to understand more efficiently.

3. Get the Skeleton Out of the Closet

Student eye to eye with skeleton
Young male student eye to eye with school-skeleton in front of a blackboard

Young students are especially curious about what is inside the human body and continuously ask questions about it. To things up a notch and to bring undivided attention to your classroom, get a skeleton.

Skeletal systems are amazing for kids to learn about the human body, and as a teacher, you won’t have to rely on 2D pictures. There are so many activities you can carry out with your students relating to the skeleton. It will be easier for the kids to identify each bone, eventually adding to their academics.

4. A Laptop to Browse Information


In this technologically driven world, you simply can’t play your part on the back foot. Provide a laptop to your students to clear their doubts and dive deep into the information regarding your subject or any other.

Giving a medium to kids where they can get instant information will only be beneficial to you. As a teacher, you have a lot on your plate, and sometimes you can also forget about something. If you have a laptop assigned to your students in your class, they can simply look up the information and clear their doubts.

5. A Telescope to See the Unimaginable


As a young child, there is nothing more intriguing and exciting than outer space. Imagine giving a glimpse of the space to your students, they will not only love you for it, but their interest in the subject will also come alive.

You can bring in the telescope and teach your students about how to use it and the different optics for it. There are lessons where students learn about solar systems, and a telescope is perfect for that. Wouldn’t you like it if your teacher did that for you? Try to give the students experiences they will always remember.


Most kids want to enjoy their learning experiences, and all of the things mentioned above guarantee a wonderful time. A Microscope will show the kids how small things are, and they can do different experiments like Column Chromatography, viewing bacteria, plants, and a lot more. Microscopes are generally very useful for almost every subject, and there is always a way to include them in the lessons.
The tools will enable students to perform what they read in theory physically. A skeleton will bring the students closer to the human body and allow them to see what’s inside us. The uses of a laptop are immeasurable, and it will be a medium for students to research better. A telescope will bring the distant world closer to the students, and they can then have discussions over them for increased productivity.

There you have it, invest in understanding what your students like and give them options to grow. Try to give the students experiences they will always remember.

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