Things to Look for When Buying Stationary Massage Table


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The quality of massage directly depends on the massage table – the main tool of a professional massage therapist. That is why the purchase of a massage table is one of the most important purchases for a massage therapist. A stationary massage table is the best solution for those who want to buy a massage table that will last a long time and be comfortable for patients. 

Despite the large selection of stationary massage tables on the market, choosing the best one is not that difficult – just pay attention to the features before buying a stationary massage table.

  • Height and width of stationary massage table
  • The thickness of the filler of the stationary massage table
  • Weight of stationary massage table
  • Durability of a stationary massage table
  • The price of a stationary massage table

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Height and Width of a Stationary Massage Table

Although the size of a massage table stationary may not seem important, the incorrect size might have disastrous effects on your health. During a massage session, a table that is too high or short, too narrow or too broad, or the right size but not the right size might make you fast fatigued and in pain in different places of your body. Tables range in size from 50 to 95 cm in height and 65 to 80 cm in width. Although the table’s width cannot be adjusted, armrests are frequently included, which not only makes the job of the massage therapist easier but also makes it possible to position the client more comfortably. As a general guideline, the height of the table should be around hip height, taking into account the usual patient size.

The Thickness of the Filler of the Stationary Massage Table

This mostly affects customer comfort. It may also affect how long your massage table lasts. Instead of feeling like they are lying on a piece of plywood, your consumers should feel like they are. Additionally, heavy, thin foam will not last as long and will sustain more damage. From extremely hard to soft, plush-like fillers, different manufacturers provide a variety of densities. For the massage table, for instance, there are different-density fillers with a less thick zone in the breast area. The sort of massage you will provide will also affect how stiff the filler is. Prenatal massage calls for a softer surface, whereas sports massage calls for a harder pad.

Weight of Stationary Massage Table

Weight is less crucial when choosing a fixed massage table than it is when selecting a massage table that folds. Stability, not mobility, is crucial in this situation. Depending on its size and construction, a foldable table may weigh 10 kg to 25 kg or more. The weight range for a decent fixed table is 70 to 150 kg. In both situations, wood tables often weigh several pounds more than metal tables. When looking for a foldable massage table, think about your intended use. Will you mostly use a vehicle or will you take public transportation, where you might have to carry the item upstairs? In the second scenario, you may think about purchasing a unique cart for the massage table.

The Durability of a Stationary Massage Table

A fixed massage table that costs a lot of money should be built to last for a very long period. As opposed to softer wood like pine, a hardwood frame made of maple, beech, or birch will survive longer. Additionally, certain leatherettes are stronger than others. Traditionally, massage tables were covered in leather or fabric, but nowadays there are many synthetic materials that are soft to the touch, easy to clean, and produced in a sustainable manner.

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The Price of a Stationary Massage Table

The most challenging factor to consider when selecting a kind of massage table is probably the price. Do you just recently learn massage? Even without the extra cost of an expensive massage table, training is fairly expensive. One alternative is to purchase a cheap table while in school and then resale it to another student who is also interested in becoming a massage therapist. By that time, you’ll have more information about the table characteristics you’ll require and be better equipped to make a decision. A cheap mainstream desk could fascinate you, but cheap often translates to bad quality and lack of a manufacturer’s guarantee.

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