Things to Know About Pipes and Pipe Fitting

Pipe fittings are items or components in plumbing, that are used to join pipe sections together as well as to other items such as pumps and valves thereby creating pipelines. Pipe fittings are important for the proper flow of fluids within the pipeline. Using pipe fittings, pipes of different sizes can be joined. There are different types of pipe fittings and some of them are highlighted below.

Types of Pipe Fittings

Pipe Fitting

  • Elbow: Elbow pipe fitting is used to change the direction in which fluid flows between two pipes. This type of fitting is usually available in angles that include 22.5, 45 as well as 90. Regular elbows are used for pipes with the same diameter, while reducer elbows are used for pipes with different diameters. 
  • Reducer: Reducers are pipe fittings that are used to reduce the size of the flow of fluid in a pipe section. This reduction is usually from a larger pipe to a smaller pipe, with the help of a reducer pipe fitting. There are two major types of reducer pipe fitting which are, concentric reducer and eccentric reducer. 
  • Tee Type: Tee type pipe fitting is a component that is named after its shape. This item takes a T-shape and usually comes with two outlets and one inlet. This fitting is used to connect multiple pipes at a point. There are two major types of Tee types, which are Unequal tee and Equal tee. All three sides are of the same size in an Equal tee, while the sides are of different sizes in an Unequal tee. The inlet passes fluid to the two outlets in a pipeline. 
  • Coupling: Coupling is a pipe fitting that is used to join pipes that are of the same diameter. Couplings are typically used for pipes that are leaking, as well as broken pipes. There are two major types of coupling which are slip coupling and compression coupling. Slip coupling have two pipes arranged into each other, making it suitable for pipe sections with lengthy damage. Compression coupling is regular couplings that have rubber seals on both ends to prevent leakage. 
  • Unions: Just like couplings, unions are used to connect pipes. However, unlike coupling that cannot be removed once installed, unions can be removed whenever the need arises. This pipe fitting is made up of nuts as well as female and male-ended threads. 
  • Adapters: Adapters are usually used for PVC pipes and copper. They come in two major types which are male adapters and female adapters. Male adapters are those that come with male threads, while female adapters come with female threads. They are used for pipe with plain ends, in order to make them threaded allowing for connection to other pipes. 


Other pipe fittings include outlet, plug, cap, valves, as well as cross-type. While DIY projects can save time and cost, it is advisable to contact professionals for technical issues. Contact the best plumbers in Sutherland Shire

, if you are having troubles with your pipe fittings.

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