Things to Consider When Hiring a Licensed General Contractor

A general contractor is the main contractor on a building project and is responsible for the day to day management of the site and project. It is there job to ensure the right people are there when needed and the build goes well.

Of course, to have a general contractor you also need to have a good crew of people ready to work on your site. Fortunately, this can be easily arranged through an appropriate firm specializing in labour hire Sydney.

Before you choose your licensed general contractor to consider the following points:


You can speak to your family and friends in order to establish who they have used in the past and, more importantly, who they would use again.

You can also take a look on social media platforms to see either who is being recommended or the comments people have left about the contractor’s work.

This will help you to decide if they are worthwhile or not.

It is also possible to speak to your local planning office; they should have a list of contractors who are approved because they usually meet the requirements of the building code.

Ability To Talk To Them

Once you’ve created a shortlist of general contractors you need to arrange to speak with each of them. This is the opportunity to go over your proposal and assess their response.

You should be considering how easy it is to talk to them. It is essential to be able to communicate easily with them; this will ensure the build goes according to plan and schedule.

Quality Of Work

You can also take a look at the work they have supervised in the past. The general contractor should be happy to give you the details of several previously satisfied customers.
You can then talk to them and see the quality of their work before making a decision.


The cost of your project will be a driving factor. You should have set a budget and have every intention to stick to it.

Different general contractors will charge different rates. It is important to shop around before choosing the right contractor for your project. The best way of doing this is to create your plans and send them to everyone on your shortlist; you’ll then get a price back.

But, be careful that you read the small print! It will say what is included and what isn’t, it can make a big difference to the overall price.

Pay In Installments

Paying for the work upfront is a big no. It simply gives you no bargaining power and makes it very tempting for the contractor to disappear or take a long time with your job.

A deposit is acceptable but after paying that you’ll need to release the funds slowly across the duration of the build. This will minimize the risk for both parties.

Once you’ve agreed on everything with your general contractor it’s a good idea to put everything in writing and ensure both parties sign it. This will help you to resolve any difficulties you come across.

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