Things to Consider when Choosing Cushion Covers


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You’ve stayed in that home with the same cushions for a while now. You even feel out of place in your habitation. Most likely, cushion covers are the magic that you need to breathe some new life in your living room or the lion’s den (bedroom). 

But choosing the right ones can be challenging, especially if you’re not so good with fabrics and colors.

That’s why you need to read this article and find out the factors to consider when choosing cushion covers.

Something that complements your current décor

Your current room style and character are aspects that you have to consider before choosing your cushion covers. Do you want to blend your new fabric into the décor or contrast against the existing color palette? Why cushions are a perfect choice for many people is because they fit perfectly into most interior styles. Checking online, there are various cushions from which you can get your living room décor perfect match. Whether you’ve got a modern, retro, or traditional theme, these handy accessories will help you achieve a polished and rounded look in your living room. 

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Fabric durability

When choosing cushions, you’ve to consider the way you live and your practical needs. If they are going to a busy room like the living room, you’ve to go for the material that will not quickly wear out. Choose materials that are durable and offering high-strain resistance, especially if you’ve kids and pets. If pets and kids are not an issue, a fabric like velvet will give a more stylish look. It won’t stretch or fade quickly while giving you an elegant look.

Color pattern

Cushions help you experiment with color. You can swap them out quickly as trends change. Check out the style and color palette of the room and get something that is bold and vibrant which will make a statement. The right colors inject a personality and transform your space, especially when you pair it with the proper lighting. If you’re in a formal setting with fewer traffic benefits, bold and bright colors will give you a modern and straightforward interior scheme and a natural backdrop. 

When selecting patterned and geometric cushions, try striking a balance to avoid a chaotic-looking space. Try monochromatic patterns also with subtle stripes and bright floral. That will spice up things and give a new dimension to your room design scheme. 

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Different textures

Apart from pattern and color, choosing a variety of color textures will liven up your room. Try cushioning covers with distinguishing textures -that will add an extra dimension to your home. Some elegant fabric like velvet gives a sophisticated and opulent touch to a leather couch. 

Again, a cable knit fabric will render a cozy and inviting vibe to a cotton-covered sofa, and that looks stunning when you’re setting up your home for summer. 

Size and shape

Besides the color pattern and the texture of your UK Cushion Covers, the shape and size of your cushions impact your room space significantly. Thus there should be a harmonious balance between the sofa and bed size. Cushions of the same size will bring about a symmetrical display and some order to your living room. 

Don’t be in a rash when choosing cushion covers. Consider the few elements outlined above for a perfect feel. Above all, select the covers from a reliable UK Cushion Covers online shop with enough variety to pick from.

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