Beware! Wasps Are Looking for a Home Like Yours!


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When the warmer months draw in, do you often wonder why wasps choose certain places to make their nests? Well, that is exactly what we are going to talk about today during this short but insightful article. 

Let us put it this way; you look for a home that provides you and your family with shelter right? You want shelter from the elements and enough space for you to all enjoy your lives. Unfortunately, wasps are opportunists and are far less selective than we are. They will build their nests just about anywhere as long as it is a safe and horizontal location. 

Let us just be clear from the offset, how difficult it is to eradicate a wasp nest will often depend on its location. And if they make their way into your walls or in a corner, the nest will need treatment using chemicals which we highly recommend that you don’t try yourself. Instead, call a wasp control company that can do it for you! Don’t take our word for it; here are the things you should never do if you spot a wasps nest in your home or garden. 

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Use Fire

Let us just state the obvious for those pyromaniacs reading this article, setting fire to a wasps nest will undoubtedly destroy it. Nests are made out of wood pulp that the insects chew to make their nests. Of course, this makes the structure extremely flammable, as you would presume. This makes it extremely dangerous for you, even if you think you could light it up safely. Take our advice – just don’t try it. 

Even if the nest goes up in flames, you will never be able to kill all of the wasps. As the nest ignites, wasps will fly into the air looking for someone to attack. As the closest person to the nest, this will more than likely be you. 

Use Water

Some people on the internet recommend using water to destroy a nest. Don’t, just don’t. Again, just like fire, if you have a power washer, then this could certainly destroy the nest. And whilst it is true that wasps will die if submerged in water, it actually takes a lot longer than you might think. Instead, you are going to have a lot of soaked wasps that are going to seek retaliation against you. 

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Use Brute Force

If you want to get stung multiple times or even worse, this is undoubtedly the way to go about things. If you cannot tell, this is satire. Whatever you do, you should never use a nest for practising your baseball swing. Indeed, this method might destroy the nest (or cause severe damage) if you get a really good hit. 

But let us assure you, you will not get a second attempt at it if you don’t. You are only going to destroy the nest, none of the wasps. Instead, they are going to swamp towards you because you ruined their home, and they are going to be angry, very angry. 

Don’t Risk It – Call In The Professionals

For reasons that we can never figure out, homeowners and business owners continue to try and remove wasps nests themselves. More often than not – it ends in disaster. Despite how brave you may think you are – just leave it down to the professionals for your own safety. After all, that is what they are here for. 

When it comes to finding a reputable wasp control company, always ask your family and friends for recommendations because if they have had a good experience, they will be more than happy to share this with you. 

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