Things to Consider Before Designing a Landscape in Utah

Utah is known for its highly diverse natural landscapes. Along with that, Utah is popular with tourists for various outdoor recreations. In 2012, based on the survey conducted by Gallup, Utah was declared as the “best state to live in” in terms of lifestyle, economy, and health-related outlook. Aside from its natural landscapes, many residential, commercial, and community spaces in Utah are well-planned and designed.

Landscape designing requires a lot of planning and technical knowledge and ability. When designing a new property, many important questions need to be asked and answered. Although a landscape designer or architect can have these points laid out to you, there is so much to learn about and understand to make collaboration with your contractor easier. Here are some things you should consider for your landscape design utah.


Clients want their spaces professionally done for various reasons. Designing an area depends on its use and location. Decide whether you want your land to be solely a green space, recreational space, or other specific purposes.


Identify your purpose before choosing a theme. For instance, zen gardens are popular in residential spaces because it gives a relaxed, calm, and soothing atmosphere. You can consider a Mediterranean landscape design for commercial places with an area where customers can unwind.

Land type

It is important to do research and analysis for your land type before getting professional advice on the ideal landscape design Utah that you desire. For expert advice, it is best to consult with a licensed landscape architect.

Neighboring Environment

Before designing, you should also consider the environment surrounding your area. Make sure that your landscape elements are not distracting and do not block other spaces that are not part of your property. Some residential areas have strict rules regarding home and space renovation. So consulting with your city or county building department for proper permits needed for your project is essential. The same applies to commercial spaces.

Climate & Seasons

Your design should complement the climate in your area. Utah has a semi-arid, temperate climate. Since it is considered as one of the driest states in the US, determine which plants and trees that is suitable for this kind of climate. Maintaining a landscape design is a non-ending task, so make sure only put elements and plants that you can keep in the long run.


Landscape designing requires extensive planning, hard work, and a substantial amount of money. Design only according to your allotted budget. Deciding on a well-designed plan can prevent any unnecessary changes in your design and allows you to stick with your budget and to avoid wasting funds.

Landscape design is not merely for recreation; it also creates a significant impact on the people who use it. A well-planned landscape design speaks so much about a person’s lifestyle and personality. There are many landscape designers in Utah, make sure to consult with the right agencies who can give the best advice and will acknowledge your preferences.

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