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Things To Buy For A New House – Checklist For First-Time Homeowners

Excited to move in your new nest? But don’t rest yet! There are lots of things to prepare in order to turn your new house into a comfy place.

Below are 7 must-have things to buy for a new house – A complete checklist!

What you need to buy for a new house

Keys & Locks

Things To Buy For A New House

First thing first, make sure that your house is secure. That’s why changing the key and lock system is essential. Some people don’t even bother to change their security system, thus creating opportunities for thieves.

Remember that the neighbors, friends, and coworkers of previous owners could own a set of keys to enter your house too. Therefore, it isn’t nonsense to first fix your locks and keys.

Another option is to take your locks and re-key them at the nearby hardware store. Buying new locks could be expensive, especially when you have many things else to buy.

Some people may even think of a smart security kit instead of traditional locks. A kit often includes door and window sensors, a siren and remote control.

Lawn mower

Lawn mower
Unless your new house doesn’t include a garden (which is rare), or you can hire a gardener, a lawnmower is necessary.

In California especially, not many new houses have lawns. If you don’t want your garden looks simple with bare dirt, growing your own lawn could be helpful. After that, a lawnmower is a must-have item for your little garden.

Garden Supplies

Garden Supplies
Your garden needs more than just a lawnmower. Make sure that you write down a garden hose on your shopping list. It doesn’t have to be expensive. You can always find an affordable hose in any gardening shop.

Plus, you should buy an adjustable sprayer and lawn sprinklers. Weed whackers, trowels, rakes, hoes, or shovels are needed too if you want to keep your garden net and clean.

What else do you need for your garden? Considering a push broom, an extension pole, a watering can or wheelbarrow.

Tools & Repair Items

Tools & Repair Items
Your house won’t stay new forever. After a while, things will start to fall apart and require fixing. Therefore, a box of tools and repair items is what you need to buy for your new place.
Typically, you can find 10 items inside the box, including hammers, screwdrivers, hacksaw, plumber’s wrench, basin wrench, staple gun and so on. These items are extremely helpful when things have broken.

Outdoor Entertaining

Outdoor Entertaining
You don’t want to spend your whole time sitting in the living room, do you? Having some outdoor entertaining such as lawn chairs or umbrella will not only help to decorate your garden but also invite you to go out more often.

If you have friends come over often, consider buying a grill for backyard outing. You don’t have to buy a fancy model. There are tons of inexpensive and sturdy grills out there.

Snow Removal Equipment

Snow Removal Equipment
In case winter months are long and snow comes every year, think of snow removal equipment.

It is essential to remove the snow and clear the path so that you can get your car out in the morning. Plus, in some cities, you must clear the snow within a certain period of time if you don’t want to be cited.

Window Coverings

Window Coverings
Snow, winds, rains will bring blinds and drapes. To prevent them, window coverings are a must. There are many choices for you from roman shades, shutters, honeycombs to curtains.

If you try to stay on a budget, there are cheap options too. DIY adhesive paper blinds could be a solution. They cost less than $5 and are easy to make.

Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances
Only you know what you need. For those who buy an old house, the kitchen appliances may not enough. The previous owner may take the refrigerator or washer with them. In this case, you have to buy these items all over again.

Of course, kitchen appliances can be various. Stove, toaster, coffee grinder, salad spinner, colander or microwave. Check what is missing and plan your next shopping.

Also, don’t forget to have a look at the cooking basics and kitchen necessities. Things like trash bags, sponges, paper towels, drying rack, can opener tend to be overlooked.

Electricity Backup

Electricity Backup
Last but not least, never ever forget to buy a generator. You will never know when is the next blackout. There are two types of generators: tradition and inverter.

For those who have lots of electric devices to accommodate, a traditional generator is a perfect choice. However, inverter generators are lightweight and versatile, could be used at home or for camping.

What not to buy for a new home

There are a million things you shouldn’t buy for a new home. And here is a list of them to avoid.

Cheap versions of house appliances

Sometimes we can’t resist the urge to economize, that’s when we tend to buy cheap versions of house appliances. But this is just not a good idea.

Remember that you should expect to use everything for a long time, so don’t waste money on a microwave that breaks after a few times.

Used appliances are on high demand since people don’t want to overspend for new stuff. However, don’t let the price tag blind you without checking what you buy first.

Things you never use

What most people forget is to create a shopping list before going shopping. With orientation, we know what to buy and what not, stay away from the temptation to buy things we don’t need.

Things like a waffle iron, ice cream makers, a Tupperware set or specialized cleaning products are not so necessary. They do if you promise to make waffle or ice cream every Sunday.

So be wise!

The bottom line

Having a new house is all exciting, but don’t let your thrill washes away half of your wallet. Pay attention to what you really need and check your budget, so you don’t overspend your money.

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