Pro Tips for Efficient Lawn Mowing

Afraid of lawn mowing? Thinking that you will spoil your lawn? Do not panic! Lawn mowing is not so difficult if guided well. It is a technique that demands accurate skills for a beautiful, lush garden. All you have to do is follow some tips and you are good to go. Thinking from where to achieve these skills? Well, I am here for that! I will provide you with all such pro tips that are necessary for professional lawn mowing. Just a little care and your lawn will turn into a beautiful, lush green paradise. Better to start, no?

1. Choose mower carefully:

Choose mower carefully

First things first, the right tools or equipment are key to efficient mowing. Choose mower according to the field size for best results. For small lawns reel mowers, gas mowers or any simple electric mowers are fine. However, zero turn lawn mowers will work best for comparatively larger lawns. These mowers are very eco-friendly and are most effective for efficient lawn mowing. Buy wisely!

2. Take good care of mowers:

Mowers have to be kept in a good condition as whole results depend upon the mowers. Good care is necessary for mowers to perform well. For instance, the blades have to be sharpened for a perfect, clean cut. Oiling is necessary for old mowers and the blades should be sharpened before first use. It is a basic technique but can do wonders to your garden if carried out carefully.

3. Set the height of mower appropriately:

Different grasses have different standard sizes such as zoysia to be of 1 to 2 inches and fescue, 3 inches approximately. This height has to be maintained for a perfect lawn. It is done properly if you set the height of wheels by adjustment features of mowers. You can seek help from instructions book too.

4. Clean the lawn:

Clean the lawn
The obstacles in the lawn like cans, stones, bottle caps, and branches can hamper mowing. It can affect the speed of mower and possibility is that such trash can get obstruct in the propeller. The result is filthy looking uneven grass. The best practice is to pick up all such obstacles with a rake to avoid any hindrance.

5. Make a schedule:

The mowing should be done according to a fixed schedule and do not change this pattern randomly. The best practice is to mow early in the morning according to the weather. Try to mow once a week. Certain kinds of grasses require mowing twice a week. Look for the type of grass you have in your lawn and search for its standard height then, mow according to that height requirement.
It is quite possible that your lawn will turn into a barren desert if worn-out weeds are not removed often. This scheduled removal will allow healthier grass to regrow.

In Nutshell:

These were some of the very simple techniques and tips for effective mowing which you already knew but ignored. If you start to follow all these simple tips, your garden will look healthier and lush than ever.

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