What are Different Types of Skirting Board to Choose From?

Most of us come across skirting boards daily! And when you finally need to build your house or renovate it and use this board, you start researching about this. Today, several expert designers and architects suggest homeowners to opt-in for skirting boards. Are you renovating your house? Do you need to purchase a skirting board? If yes, then it makes sense that you know the multiple types of skirting boards and then make your choice.

Today, there are various service providers offering skirting boards. The ideal ones suited for most residential properties are the MDF, softwood, and the hardwood skirting boards. Let’s know more about each category.

The MDF skirting boards

MDF skirting boards1

Simply put, the medium density fireboards or the MDF skirting board range is affordable and reliable. Most people select these skirting boards for their residences as it’s durable. Also, these boards don’t swell or warp easily. It makes it the best choice for bathrooms and kitchen, especially in places where it’s slightly damp. The softwood and hardwood skirting boards can also move and warp in the wet conditions, but the MDF variant does the best job.

Softwood skirting boards

If you have contemporary home decor, you can opt-in for the softwood skirting board for their ease and flexibility. You can choose from a wide range of heights and styles. Also, it is effortless to re-use as well as sand down when you are not fond of the finish, and that makes it a better sustainable choice. You don’t have to take it away from scratch. The softwood skirting boards sometimes can move, that people need to be aware and careful of. Additionally, you can varnish and stain the softwood skirting boards that look apt in era houses. You can always consult an interior decorator to take the best pick.

Hardwood skirting boards

Hardwood skirting boards
The hardwood skirting board is very tough. It withstands every damage that results from unforeseen accidents and knocks. It is also one of the most affordably priced skirting boards. You can customize it as per your house and property requirements. The customization bit might cost you more. It is slightly tricky and challenging to fit hardwood skirting boards as compared to an MDF skirting board. Even softwood skirting boards are easy to install when you want to get it done all by yourself. However, it is essential to ensure that you have the required skills for this. If not, it’s always best to ask professional help.

The skirting board fitting process involves pre-drilling the timber. You also need to screw in the wall plugs and the screw head using the real-wood pellets. The process can vary from one house to the other, depending on the skirting board template.

Every skirting board comes with its features and benefits. Furthermore, MDF moulding is an artificial material. Hence, you will have one skirting board running through all the room where there are no joins. You can buy the softwood and hardwood skirting boards in a meter. Also, it is essential to integrate the joins inside the woodwork whenever you decide to use this.

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