The Ultimate Convection Oven Buying Guide for 2019

There was a time when cooking ranges included cooktops along with large ovens underneath, however, with contemporary interior designs today, those cooking ranges are obsolete and people prefer buying ovens as a separate unit. Ovens add great versatility to your meals such as toasting and baking which is not easy to manage on a regular stove. The convection oven is the latest buzzword in the market because of the effective cooking options and ease of use that they offer compared to regular ovens.

It is important to understand that convection ovens are known as convection oven because they come with an additional set of convection that allows the hot air to pass through the food, making distribution even throughout the pan. As a result, your food will be cooks quickly and more effectively. If you are new to convection ovens, here are some of the best convection ovens in the market reviewed for your assistance.

Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Oven

Oster Extra Large Digital Countertop Oven

As the name suggests, this convection oven has an exceptionally large space and is good enough to prepare a 16-inch pizza or 14 slices of bread at a time. Despite that, the design is so sleek and modern that it still looks aesthetically appealing when sitting on your countertop. The digital control panel adds to both functionality, customization and aesthetical appeal. Since the oven does not have any knobs, it means that you do not have to worry about grease and dirt accumulating on the panel and you can simply wipe it clean. The stainless steel body makes it easier to maintain. Given space and features, this oven is quite reasonably priced at $110.

Hamilton Beach Countertop and Convection Oven and Rotisserie

Hamilton Beach Countertop and Convection Oven and Rotisserie
This is not just a basic convection oven but also has an added option of a rotisserie that makes this oven very versatile. The oven is spacious enough to be able to cook a 12-inch pizza which is still decent enough space for a household oven. It can easily accommodate two 9 X 13 baking pans and two standard cake pans at a given time. It has knobs based interface with a timer dial going up to 60 minutes and temperature knob going up to 450 degrees.

Hamilton Beach easy Reach Convection Oven

Hamilton Beach easy Reach Convection Oven
If you want something very compact that can easily fulfill your basic oven requirements without costing you an arm and a leg, this small but very effective product by Hamilton Beach is a great pick. Although the oven is single layered, it can easily accommodate a 12-inch pizza pan and can toast up to 6 slices of bread. And comes with a 30-minute timer. Since it has a roll-top door for accessibility, it is an excellent pick for small kitchen spaces.

KitchenAid Compact Convection Oven

KitchenAid Compact Convection Oven
As the name suggests, this oven has a compact design so it can effectively cater to houses with smaller kitchen spaces. However, it can still accommodate a 12-inch pizza pan easily, which is a decent size for a household oven. The smaller interior means that the oven heats quickly, thereby shortening your cooking time significantly. The two reversible racks allow height adjustments so that you can use them according to your cooking requirements. The non-stick interior makes cleaning super easy which is another plus point.

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