Keeping Your Interiors Updated: Dramatic Window Treatment Ideas for your Living Room

Window treatments are no more a matter of necessity when it comes to the interior designing of a house. It is true that curtains and shades provide privacy and gives options to control light flow, etc. However, today, window treatments have the ability to completely transform the décor of a house and make the interiors look a lot more modern and dramatic. The living room window treatments come in varying kinds of fabrics, designs, patterns and colors. Combined together with the latest technology and automation, these window treatments can truly make any home into a smart home!

In this post, we will look through 7 window treatment ideas that are multi-functional as well as make your home look gorgeous and dramatic!

Window treatments in neutral and earthy colors

Window treatments in neutral and earthy colors

There are a range of window treatments and they differ from one another based on a lot of factors like color, pattern, fabric, etc. One of the easiest factor that we can base our selection upon is the color palette. Going for a neutral shade or earthy brown tones is a choice that is made extensively by a lot of people. It is playing safe as the neutral and earthy shades have the ability to blend in with any kind of interiors and make the home look a lot more sophisticated! The window treatments can be integrated with the smart home devices for comfort and smart usage!

Shades with dual color, playing around with the color palette

Now this is taking another step from making the safe choice of going with neutral shades. Choosing blinds with dual colors that are either complimenting with each other or contrast from each other would add a flare to your interiors. For example, going with a base color like white, off white or pastel white and then bordering the fabric with shades like blue, pink or orange would be choosing complementing colors. Contrast color selection is when you go for blue on green or blue on orange etc. You can also choose to go with the two shades that represent your home décor the best. But to add more drama to the décor, it is best to choose living room window treatments with contrasting shades.

Roman shades

roman shade
Roman shades have always been known to add a flare to the home décor. It is very royal to look at and yet, very sophisticated and simple. It is a fabric based window treatment, hence we always have the choice of customizing the blind based on the color and pattern to suit our home décor the best. Fitting the shades with motor so that they can be automated is another option to make the window treatment more technologically advanced and modern.

Window treatments with unique and catchy patterns

One sure shot way to add a flare to your home is to choose living room window treatments with catchy and attractive patterns. Choosing window treatments based on patterns have given us the option to make even a small space look more luxurious and attractive. It also provides us with the opportunity to create themes for every room in the house. Children’s room can be fitted with window treatments that have oceanic patterns or galaxy patterns on them. Teenager’s rooms would look amazing with whimsical printed curtains. Striped curtains and chevron printed curtains would make your home office look so much more professional and sophisticated. You can play around with the variety of patterns for your living room window treatments that can truly transform your home.

Sheer curtains and Matchstick blinds

Sheer curtains and Matchstick blinds
There are a few unique types of fabrics used in a window treatment just like the unique patterns, and one can choose from these different types of fabrics too. Sheer curtains are by far the most beautiful and gorgeous fabric option when it comes to window treatments. The way these smart motorized sheer shades filter the light flowing through them and fill the home with a dramatic glow, is simply worth every penny you spend on them. Similarly, matchstick blinds are one of those unique types of treatments that make a home décor look more funky and cool. They are very thin, light weighted and almost look non- existent when they are rolled up. But when they are shut, they fall flat against the window and filter the natural light creating soft glow and shadow patterns in the room that look absolutely gorgeous.

Playing around with the Valances

Valances are usually not given much of importance as they do not really have any functional aspect to them. They are used purely to add to the beauty and enhance the look of the window treatment. But when it comes to adding some drama to the home décor, choosing a complimenting valance or even a contrasting valance could be the easiest way to achieve this. There are a variety of designs for valances like island style, ruffled border, plated border etc. which you can play around with to arrive at the most dramatic looking living room window treatments of all!

Integrating the window treatments with Google home hub

Integrating the window treatments with Google home hub
Home automation system does not just make your home look more dramatic, it also dramatically changes your way of living to a great level. It is not just about the comfort, it is also got to do with how futuristic and modern it makes our home look. Google home hub is one of the most commonly used home automation system that allows the smart window treatments to be integrated into them. This allows us to operate the window treatment with simple voice commands from anywhere in the house. You can also operate them using your smart phone, that’s how handy the smart home control system actually is.

So those are the different ways in which you can use window treatments to your advantage and make your home look more dramatic. Window treatments are the most simplest and cost effective way of transforming the interiors of any house. They are very useful as well as make your home look pretty.

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