The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Fencing Company vs. DIY

If you finally got tired of having very little privacy from the next door neighbours and decided to install a fence, first consider between the two options – hiring a fencing company vs. Do-It-Yourself – in order to make the best choice that fits your exact needs. Here are some tips from Fencing Sydney Co. that you should consider before making the final decision

DIY Fence Installation

DIY Fence Installation


One of the benefits that comes with installing a fence all by yourself is that you are free from paying the company for the labor costs. So, thanks to the cost-savings of this method, many homeowners would consider the DIY a great option.

Moreover, by installing the fence by yourself, you can also choose exactly what kind of materials or styles you want. Not to mention that prideful feeling that comes with installing the fence by yourself, looking at it every day while being satisfied by the fact that you were the person who built it.


Installing the fence on your own comes with certain problems as well. You may be able to save on all the monetary labor costs which usually go to the company, but the process will be much slower. Keep in mind that most fence installers work in teams to ensure the process is quick, efficient and more precise. So, if it’s just you working or even a friend or two who decided to help you, you should expect some serious hours of diligent and hard work. Just remember that these professional fencing contractors, have years and years of industry knowledge and are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, reducing human error.

Moreover, if you’re new to this DIY fence building, you’ll need even more time to do an adequate amount of research beforehand. For example, you’ll need to ensure that you’re using all the right materials and tools while looking into local regulations, and double checking your property lines. This can be quite the headache if you don’t know what you are doing. The last thing you’d want to happen, is to be penalized with a hefty fine for not complying.

Also, there is a chance that something may go very wrong down the line in case the installation isn’t perfect. And the cost of professional repair or replacing your fence will be more expensive than the price you’d pay if you hired them from the start. Something to definitely consider, the long term consequences and responsibilities.

In such a case, DIY fence kits will be helpful, but still, in the end nothing compares to years of experience.

Hiring a Professional Fencing Contractor

Hiring a Professional Fencing Contractor


If you’ve decided to hire a professional fencing team, the upfront costs will be quite expensive.
However, it’s important noting that it’s worth it because you’re essentially paying for their expertise. And since this is the area of their specialization, you can be certain that your fence will be installed properly. Additionally, you can consult with them for advice regarding the materials and styles which will be suitable for your needs, terrain and property.
Also, you’ll have your new fence installed professionally and quickly without doing all the hard work by yourself


After hiring a fencing company, you are required to pay for the labor as well as the materials being used which may add up quickly for people who are on a tighter budget. But thankfully, lots of fencing companies offer financing for homeowners for paying in installments. So, ensure asking about financing options while shopping around.

Once the fence is installed, it becomes the integral part of your own property, curbing appeal for years. And if you lack time, experience or energy for tackling this, you should consider leaving this task in the hands of professionals as their expertise will ensure that your fence will withstand weather while providing you with privacy you need.

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