The Perfect Kitchen Design: What are the 8 Types of Kitchen Cabinets to Choose From?

Are you looking to give cabinets in your kitchen a different or updated look? Much detail is placed on cabinets when considering the kitchen area. They are the most visible element of the space and in some cases they can be quite expensive depending on the design and material. Whether you want something that is simple and affordable or elaborate and luxurious, you’re sure to find the perfect cabinets for your kitchen. Here is an overview of cabinet options for kitchens to get an idea of what you can do for your home and budget. You can also look the Studio Haus for some other design or ideas like modern, contemporary and custom as per your need.

1. Custom


When you can’t quite decide on what you want based on cabinet designs already available, or you want to do something completely different, custom cabinets is the way to go. Sometimes when one has a unique eye for design, working with a cabinet designer ensures you get the look you want at the price you want to invest. Working with an established designer lets you see the potential of your idea from another perspective while giving your kitchen cabinets a personal touch you won’t find anywhere else.

2. Distressed

The distressed cabinet look is great for creating an aged or antique look. It works with just about any color and is available in a wide selection of materials. The look may cost you a little more than other looks depending on the material because it takes additional effort by cabinet makers to create the old look on surfaces and edges though special techniques. Usually, these cabinets are made new but distress techniques performed by a tradesperson actually increases the price of the cabinets sometimes as much as up to 20 percent.

3. Thermofoil

Medium-density fiberboard is used to create these cabinets. The process of making the cabinet includes baking the material while it is wrapped in a special plastic-like coating to give the look and effect. They are available in imitation wood and solid colors while being cost effective with durability. These cabinets may change in color over time if exposed to heat on a regular basis, but they are moisture resistant with low maintenance. The cost is competitive but they are not easy to repair if damage occurs.

4. Inset

Inset cabinets are named after their prime feature which includes the door being set inside the frame of the cabinet. It is an expensive cabinet but known to last for generations while achieving a classic look. The measurements for the cabinets are precise to ensure the doors function properly. The look features visible hinges instead of concealing them like with other cabinet designs. Just the hinges alone may be costly. While a classic design is common, this type of cabinet may be personalized to create the look you want using inserts that are beaded or non-beaded.

5. Louvered

Louvered cabinets stand out in any kitchen because of their design that features horizontal slats. The slats have a small opening between them allowing for ventilation. While they add great detail to cabinets in the kitchen, they are expensive due to the material and the design. They are available in different colors and add a useful touch to areas in the kitchen that may require ventilation such as a laundry area, radiator, or pantry.

6. Flat

A kitchen can get a modern or contemporary look with these cabinets. Some may refer to them as a “slab” or flat-panel cabinet due to the lined detail on the surface. It provides style while using simple elements. Wood or laminate material is used to create the cabinet while available in different colors. Best of all, they are affordable and they look good in just about any kitchen.

7. Shaker

Shaker cabinets are one of the most common designs you’ll find in a kitchen. The cabinets feature clean lines with simplicity and fit into any kitchen décor whether it is traditional or modern. The cabinets are available in a variety of colors, stains, wood types, and hardware. You can have a flexible budget depending on the material used. Some manufactures may make changes for you to the middle of the design and replace it with inexpensive material to create a different look. You can have a painted finished but you can save money with a natural finish instead. The cabinets are made with high quality wood.

8. Beadboard

Beadboard cabinets feature a traditional style panel in the center. The doors express a country cottage feel and look while giving the kitchen area a clean and simple look. The doors feature cracks and crevices that may present a challenge to keep clean. The ridge affect at the center is called beads which present the surface with a dramatic look. These doors are made with all-white material.

What you should know when choosing cabinets for your kitchen

Now that you’ve gotten familiar with cabinet options for your kitchen, it helps to know a few tips on how to make the best of your budget based on the style you want for your kitchen space. With so many options to consider making a decision can be overwhelming. You may want to know which brand is best for the style you want. Maybe you need insight on how to set a budget. Whatever your thoughts or concerns, it helps to narrow down your decision to a few areas to make your focus easier to achieve what you want.

What kind of door do you want for your cabinets? Think about the style of the door you want to see each time you enter the kitchen. The profile of the door may also influence the color and material chosen. Look at sample designs for ideas. You could have a slab, a recessed square, a raised arch, or whatever you want.
choosing cabinets for your kitchen
What cabinet door styles do you like the most? The style of the cabinet may determine how much you want to spend, but you may have more choices to consider even if your budget is tight. You can view samples in the store to learn more about the quality and detail of the style and the material. Sometimes looking at pictures of different styles doesn’t give a clear indication of how it will look in your kitchen. You can take pictures of styles you like with your phone and take time to think more about your options.

Get to know different types of wood materials and colors cabinets are made with. Ask an expert about which wood or color options would be best for your kitchen. How your kitchen is used may determine which wood style is best and your cabinets may have more detail with the right type of finish. Cabinets provide a level of organization in the kitchen. How you use your cabinets will help you determine the best look and style that is user-friendly.

Focus on how your kitchen will be used overall. Certain cabinets may have a designated purpose. Your cabinets may reflect that along with size and space availability. Some may want to make sure their cabinets don’t make noise when they are opened and closed. There are cabinet designs that minimize noise due to the hardware.

Does the cabinet style you want accommodate for the space you have available in the kitchen? Some cabinet surfaces may require more space depending on the detail. You’ll also need to consider other elements of your kitchen such as appliances and seating such as bar stools. These elements help pull together your kitchen style.

Final thoughts

Investing in cabinets for your kitchen requires doing some homework to understand your options. Even if you plan to get custom cabinets for your space, you’ll need to review what is best for your kitchen based on style and budget. Learn about each cabinet and understand related aspects such as maintenance and what to do if repairs are needed. Investing in cabinets for the kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive, but if you plan to make an investment make sure you understand what you’re paying for and how your kitchen will benefit.

Add a twist to custom cabinets by asking experts what different designs they have seen and what they would recommend. Sometimes learning what others have created for their kitchen may help you determine a custom design that will last for generations to come. Be flexible with your budget and think about how the cabinets would be utilized by others.

If you don’t have plans to upgrade cabinets in the future you may want to invest in a high quality option that will last a long time. Cabinets for the kitchen are able available in any style to help establish the look and feel you want from a country farmhouse to upscale and lavish. Talk with a professional that installs cabinets and get opinions on what will work for your kitchen and your budget. Ask about how to keep your cabinets looking great and the best maintenance techniques encouraged for the material.

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