The Paint That Will Make Your Home Pop in 2020

It’s a new year and for many people that means a new ‘you’. If you have some new years resolutions for the coming year, we salute you for your intent to become a better person. We’d also like to offer some helpful tips that might keep you encouraged to stick to your plan, starting off with some mild redecorating for your house.

We’re real estate agents at The Munir Group, but we’re also homeowners, so we know how much of an impact a small change in aesthetic can make. In this case we’re referring to the color of paint in your home. Drawing on research conducted by paint experts Benjamin Moore, we would like to make a recommendation. Choose a paint with cool undertones, something neutral that will allow you feel both energized and calm, whichever your state of mind demands. Let us introduce Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan AF-690, a grey that will set the standard for standard this year.

Why choose a neutral tone for 2020?

While colors for wellness isn’t an exact science, it’s been concluded that a neutral tone can help keep your mind free of clutter so there’s room for the other more important things you should be thinking about – in this case furthering yourself as per your resolutions. Metropolitan AF-690 offers a soft and serene home environment. Perfect to give your home the calming effect often associated with museums, art galleries, natural gardens and other toned down places. This color mimics the power found in a stone wall or an epic monument, but keep in mind that any grey will have a similar effect. The word to pay attention to is ‘natural’ and a neutral grey tone leaves you with the feeling of powerful calmness.
Why choose a neutral tone for 2020

Where to use this calming color?

Another beauty of the color grey is that it is also extremely versatile. We’ve seen it used both on the interior and exterior of homes, be it the front façade of the building or on the walls in your master bedroom or kitchen. Pairing your furnishings with it provides almost limitless options, which includes all kinds of wood flooring, cabinetry and more. It’s extremely easy to create a stylish, glamorous or just plain ‘zen’ environment for your home.

What about if I want to sell my home?

When you go to sell your home, nothing can promote buyer positivity like a fresh coat of paint. An ideal upgrade (because it’s cost effective and works great) for both indoors and out, fresh paint is a must-do before you sell your home. Ask any realtor or home staging team and they’ll tell you the same. In this case, grey is a color that won’t offend anyone, while showcasing the stylish and spacious possibilities of every room in your home.

Complimentary colors?

Of course, you wouldn’t want to have every room (or even wall) inside your home be the same color, because that can get kind of boring quickly. Luckily, grey compliments almost everything but let us give you some suggestions. Options like eggshell white, hunter green, light charcoal, grey smoke, soft fern, ivory, natural pashmina, black pepper and some teal greens are great options. Basically, any color that ranges from earthy, to soft pinks, to decadent blues and greens will work amazingly well.
Complimentary colors
Keep things on the natural end of the scope and you’ll do fine. When it comes to versatility, grey (especially Metropolitan AF-690) makes painting your home a breeze.

For more style tips or to see what other color options are on offer, a great place to begin your search is at the Benjamin Moore website. There you can browse all their available colors as well as get great color advice regarding what works together and what doesn’t. No matter the reason, new paint can really transform the mood inside your home and how feel as you live there.

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