Outdoor Improvements That Add Value to Your Home

Value means different things for different people, but when selling your home is a concern, it means having the capability to sell for top dollar. You have to balance between improving your home’s curb appeal to cater to what the market wants, while maintaining your personality and preferences. According to a survey, home buyers said that outdoor living space attracts them most, beating stainless appliances and open floor plans. These outdoor improvements offer you maximum living, entertainment, while dramatically impacting your home’s cost.

1. Gardening and landscaping

Gardens and beautiful landscapes are popular among home buyers, and although they also have the highest maintenance cost, there is a way you can have them both. For starters, go for exotic native plants in your region or drought-tolerant plants that thrive around your locality. They are beautiful, low maintenance, and typically less expensive. Although finding them is not very easy, a visit to the annual plant sales by local organizations or visit plant societies. You can easily locate these organizations through the internet.
Gardening and landscaping

2. Boost your front yard’s curb appeal

The first thing a buyer will see when they come to your home is your front yard. If it looks unkept and boring, it will give them the impression that the rest of the house is dull and unkept. Sometimes, it’s such a deal-breaker that the buyer doesn’t consider the rest of the house. Trim the hedges, shape your trees, and make sure the scene is debris-free. You can also look into outdoor water feature ideas, especially if you live near a busy street. A water feature not only makes your home stand out, but dulls the noise from the street, and invites birds for a drink. A Catarina tiered water fountain, for instance, is perfect for a stone walkway while a 6’ Girona fountain will be perfect if you have gravel.

3. Install a sprinkling system

A buried sprinkler system is not a cheap improvement, but besides increasing the value of your home, it comes with a few advantages that make it worth-while. First, you are not worried about giving your grass too little or too much water. You will save water because you will only use what you need sprucing both your yard and bank account. Your soil nutrients will also remain balanced because you won’t be overwatering your grass.
Install a sprinkling system

4. Invest in outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting increases security, creates a warm welcome for guests and family, and adds drama to your landscape and architecture features. Lighting also enhances the ambiance around a defined sitting area, establishing a cozy, comfortable space for you to entertain guests and unwind with a glass of wine of a warm cup of coffee.

Before deciding which outdoor project to undertake, first look at what the market wants, so you don’t have to spend more money to change a few things when you decide to sell. However, make sure you remain true to your personality by adding personal touches to the design.

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