The Most Popular Kitchen Trends of 2020

A year full of surprises is an understatement. Luckily one thing that 2020 has brought us is a fresh batch of the latest kitchen design trends. Throughout this blog post, we will be taking you through some of the most magnificent kitchen trends available.

Beautiful Kitchen Island

The family favourite, kitchen islands offer the extra space which every homeowner needs to prepare delicious home-cooked food for the family every night of the week. The key benefit of having a kitchen island is that you will not have surface space for preparing complexed dishes without lunchtimes washing up taking up all of your precious working space.

Additional kitchen islands making gatherings with friends truly unforgettable, you can now stand around with all your loved ones sharing conversation and having a great time. No need to be spread around the house, you can now accommodate for any occasion within one jawdropping living space.

Marvellous Marble Counters

Marvellous Marble Counters

A material which has simple exploded in popularity in recent years, marble. Creating a clean overall aesthetic which complements a range of appliances this material has truly become an amazing addition to any kitchen design. The best part of choosing this material for your counters is that it will look unique to your home giving your kitchen a personality of its own. With this in mind, you can take the time top around until you find marble with a sleek grain which will take your kitchen design to the next level. There is just something so special about using marble within the kitchen, clean aesthetics paired with a natural grain creates a natural beauty that every homeowner craves.

Handleless for Discreetness

Growing in popularity as the days pass by, handleless kitchens are easily one of the most popular trends of them all. The number one benefit of using handless storage containers within your kitchen is that it creates a sleek yet stylish appearance which just flows. A handless kitchen also reduces the chance of getting your favourite clothing items caught on the handles which make your kitchen safer from all. It can only be described as the smart solution for kitchen storage, handless kitchens should truly be considered for your redesign.

Bright Vibrant And Stunning

Bright Vibrant And Stunning

With the lovely summer weather starting to settle in its time to lift the doom and gloom and create a living space which everyone enjoys spending time in. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and by using bright and vibrant colours it creates a happy space where everyone enjoys socialising in. This may just be a case of giving your kitchen a fresh coat of paint and purchasing some new and might bright decorations to lift the overall brightness and give this living space a new life.

Ravishing yet Rustic

The rustic kitchen design is making a comeback! The year 2020 has seen more and more people using wood for their kitchen furniture. This is a paired with timber floorboards creating a log cabin feel. The best part about going for a rustic look is that you have the best of both worlds, the design that you have always dreamt about along with modern appliances which offer you the functionality you need to keep up with the busy demand of family life. Rustic kitchens really do create a lovely and comfortable environment which draws the family in to spend time together, this definitely an option that you should consider.

If you are in the market for a new kitchen in stoke, its important that you take the time to speak to a design specialist to find the perfect solution for you.

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