5 Tips to Successfully Hire Farm Workers


Farm Workers

Employees are the heart of any organization, whatever industry it might be. That’s why hiring the right people in your company is a sure key to success.

In the Agricultural industry setting, a successful harvest relies mainly on GOOD FARMERS. Agriculture Workers play a big part in the food chain, ensuring that everyone will have food on the table.

Challenges in Retaining Agriculture Workers

Challenges in Retaining Agriculture Workers

The Agriculture industry also faces a serious organizational problem and employee retention. Most issues are stemmed from the following common reasons:

  • Family-owned Farm – truth be told, a family that works together, stays together. Sounds a bit like a fairytale, right? For some, it works to have the whole family involved in the business. However, problems arise when one family member doesn’t have the heart to pursue farming. If a farm owner had his oldest son to manage the farm after he retires, but declines, can be a huge problem. Especially if you don’t have a buffer or contingency plan ready.
  • Bigger Competition – food demands are on a large scale basis. Farms grow overtime as a large scale business. However, this can be a problem for small scale farmers. Competition can be quite challenging especially on bidding clients and retaining talented employees. If not careful, a talented but undermotivated employee might join your competitor anytime soon.
  • Lack of Organizational Structure – an undefined organizational structure can make your employees question their value in the company. Some farm owners skip the part that they needed skilled employees for specific positions such as: Operators, Storage, Accountants, Managers, Storage and Handling Staffs. Some farm workers juggle 2-3 roles at the same time and receive the same salary. Once they start realizing, the tables might turn.

5 Tips on Hiring the Right Farm Workers

Right Farm Workers

Although the business challenges are at hand, this can be resolved by hiring the right employees.

To do that, here are our 5 Sure Tips to make it possible.

  1. Advertise the Right Position – Most common mistakes all employers make are lying to the applicants. The applicant expects to get an Accountant job based on the job opening but once hired, does the HR job, too. Newly hired employees feel “clickbait” because of the experience. Expectations were not met, the possibility of leaving the job early is possible. As employers, honesty is key to hiring honest workers. Publish a job ad that you truly need. If it’s a multitasking position, specify it. If the applicants know what they sign up for from the start and still chose to commit, they’re for keeps.
  2. Market Your Company to the Applicants – You can attract the right employee by marketing your company. Showcase your company benefits, activities and workplace environment in your website or during the interview. A good company background can look appetizing to applicants especially if your company met their expectations. Make sure though that they’re all realistic. You don’t want them to question your company’s credibility by advertising fake information. You can start documenting company events that helped your employees become more motivated at work or create engagement on your social media page.
  3. Design a Specific Job Description – Business owners need to carefully design the employee’s job description. This will define the job responsibilities of the employees. That way, employees will know how they can add value and profit in your company. Employees value a sense of responsibility more than compensation. If these were properly laid out in the beginning, employees will have a sense of ownership which results for better motivation and satisfaction. It will not only make your company happy, but it will also make your profit happier as well.
  4. Conduct Performance Reviews – Favoritism is a thing from the past. Favoritism is such a toxic trait that a company shouldn’t have. It will not only lead to employee jealousy but to company destruction. Harmony is an important trait in the organization. If your employees don’t work well with others, expect operations to fail. To avoid this from happening, design and schedule employee performance reviews. Design performance measured and indicators to help you rate your employees fairly. Meet them one by one and discuss their achievements. This also the perfect time to recommend a room for improvements.
  5. Make Efforts on Retaining Your Newly Hired Employees – Hiring and retention is a big part in employee management. High retention rates can lead to a reduction of hiring costs. If the company saves more, the return of income is way bigger. Make sure that as an owner, you keep your employees happy. Satisfy them by organizing company engagements, awards or even simple birthday celebrations. This way, they’ll feel a sense of belongingness in the organization. Outcasts usually leave the company. Listen and understand your employees and come up with a strategy of keeping them long term.

Farm workers are one of the most especially skilled workers. Without them, we can’t shop for food in groceries and markets.

Hopefully, these tips will help Farm Owners to hire the right Farm Workers.

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