The Most Popular Countertops For Remodeling Kitchen

Countertops are more than just a place to do your cooking. They are an important part of your kitchen’s design and must be beautiful, functional, and durable. Choosing a countertop for your kitchen remodel can be a daunting decision, especially when you consider all the different types of countertops available.

Quartz is the most popular kitchen countertops choice because of its many advantages. It has a seamless design and does not require sealing. It can be easily cleaned and is resistant to stains, heat, and scratches. Quartz is made by combining quartz crystals with a resin-based product that gives it strength, making it durable and available in an endless range of colors and patterns from Cambria, Silestone, and other manufacturers.

Granite is a stone cut from the earth, making each piece unique. It is more porous than quartz, so you’ll need to take a few extra steps to keep it looking beautiful. You can order granite kitchen countertops with a polished, shiny finish; a honed, matte finish; or a specialty finish such as flamed or leather. The variety of colors and finishes available for granite gives you the ability to create a unique design.

Marble is a natural stone that has been used as a countertop surface since ancient times. Marble countertops are available in two thicknesses: 3/4 and 1-1/4 inches. It offers beauty and timeless elegance, but we must warn you: it is softer and more porous than granite. This material can be prone to scratching and staining. You might say it requires more maintenance than granite, but many people find it worth the effort for the rewards that come from working with such a lovely material.


Marble and quartzite are both natural stones, with similar beauty. Quartzite is a hard mineral that’s often used in countertops. It’s resistant to etching by acids and is harder than marble, making it an ideal material for kitchen surfaces. The generally lighter tones of quartzite give it design versatility.

Would you be surprised to learn that porcelain is becoming popular for kitchen countertops? It’s true! Although not new, porcelain slab countertops have improved greatly. Porcelain is beautiful, durable, and low maintenance. In contrast to solid surfaces and engineered stone counters, porcelains are rated for exterior use.

For use in a busy kitchen, wood countertops are more sanitary than you may think that wood is a natural insulator and works well in contrast to cold stone surfaces. To maintain a wood countertop for use as a cutting or chopping surface, you should be willing to accept cuts and scratches in the surface and regularly apply food-safe oil.

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