The Most Common Questions About Podium Steps

Many construction workers climb on high platforms to carry out their jobs daily. These workers often need to use podiums or scaffoldings for their jobs. 

Due to safety measures, firm building laws exist to guide the workers who use scaffoldings or podiums for their job. 

One of such rules is that the podiums or platforms must be of premium quality to carry the user safely and without an accident. The podium steps that lead to these podiums should also be safe for people to climb. 

Most podium steps are made from aluminum and other strong metals, and industry-type polymers. Both components must exist in any podium step you buy. 

When undertaking a construction project, people use different types of podiums. For instance, when several people work using a podium at the same time, they use podiums with wide bases that are reinforced and can carry heavy loads.

Before hiring a podium step for your podium or scaffolding, you must make several decisions. First, decide what podium step is compatible with your podium, according to Lakeside-Hire.

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Are you buying steps for a podium suitable for only one user or more? Will the worker carry heavy lug gages on the podium? What height are the platform and its steps?

What does the law stipulate about podium steps?

Several regulations talk about podium steps, and the first of these laws to discuss is the 2005 Work at Height Regulation.

These laws cover workers in situations where personal injury is likely due to falls from a high place. This law holds employers, building owners, and managers of facilities responsible for such instances. 

Persons in charge of such high-level work have to ensure that

  • Only competent people work at heights 
  • All jobs at heights are organized and planned 
  • There is a risk assessment for working from heights 
  • Whatever equipment people use is inspected frequently and undergoes proper maintenance.
  • There is proper risk management when working with fragile areas.

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What is the Publicly Available Specification 250 Regulation?

Publicly Available Specification (PAS) is an industry lead standardised requirement bought in by the PASMA organisation. This regulation concerns working low platforms, and it talks about how to protect anyone who uses a product of this height.

Currently, the BS8620 is the new regulation in charge of podium steps.

When should you use GRP podium steps instead of Aluminum?

GRP podium steps are necessary and appropriate when you are working in areas that are sensitive to hygiene. They are also relevant for zone 1 regions and places where you have hazardous substances and live electricity. GRP podiums are non-sparkling, corrosion-resistant, and non-oxidizing. If you used aluminum podium steps in such areas, it could be risky.

Are Podiums better than ladders?

Yes! Podiums are a lot better than ladders for several reasons. First, they are safer than ladders and prevent falls and other accidents. They also have working platforms that are enclosed, and they are free-standing.

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