The Moor Street Apartment By Clare Cousins

The Moor Street Apartment is the best inspiration for those who want to start designing distinct feature of apartment. Apartment interior design common tips will start to concern about the accent wall. An accent wall will pull in the interest of anyone when visiting the room in your apartment, just like you can see in Moor Street Apartment.

This is normal to look at the small apartment with the untidy coffee table displaying the last nights dining meal and clothes on the floor. And that is the feel of having small apartment, moreover if you live in the room by yourself. If you choose to paint the walls, look at the Moor Street Apartment first.

In Moor Street Apartment images, I can conclude that space in an apartment, no matter what the type, is always at a premium. To get most out of the living space, sectional furniture is often used. There are variety of sectional sofas. You can see the examples at the Moor Street Apartment images.

If you don’t have enough room for a large coffee table, then you can choose 2 smaller cube sized Ottomans. Moor Street Apartment also sticks to one theme. You can see the consistency of the theme of the apartment design reflects the specific theme. If you need to be more creative with your apartment design, Moor Street Apartment can be one of the first inspirations you can take a look.

The Moor Street Apartment by Clare Cousins Architects is the living example of the great dreams. This project focuses on the internal office for creative design studio. But it is also great for private residence purpose. This site is located in the heart of Fitzroy. Other thing that I would like to highlight is the colorful backdrop in the meeting room created by prominent local artist Rowena Martinich. The project respects the iconic nature of the existing building by Rijavec Architecture while creating a strong visual identity for the design studio within.

Design Team : Clare Cousins, Oliver Duff, Dita Beluli, Artwork-Rowena Martinich

Photographer : Shannon McGrath

Clare Cousins Moor Street

Beautiful Home Design

colourful backdrop

colourful backdrop to the meeting room

Moor Street Apartment Staircase Design

Moor Street Apartment Work Space Design

Office Design in Appartment

Bedroom Woth Black Door

Work Space Design in Home

Small Work Space

Bedroom Design

Moor Street Apartment Kitchen

The Moor Street Apartment By Clare Cousins

The Moor Street Apartment Kitchen Designs

Moor House Fitzroy

The Moor Street Apartment

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