Single Family Residence in Japan By Airhouse Design Office


Single Family Residence in Japan By Airhouse Design Office

Home trends have been changing for years since the commencing of distinct folks who have different personal taste. Of course it makes sense since everyone wants to be different. Modern home design, just like you see about Residence in Japan, focuses to satisfy those changing needs by providing simple design with spacious feel. It is a common problem experienced by folks nowadays since space could be tad problem. The current design must cover what folks need. The modern home should be functional, stylish yet comfortable.

Responding to such demand, Airhouse Design Office implements their new ideas to the Residence in Japan. They simply build modern home which enable the livelihood added by personal touches. The aim is to set a place which can meet the homeowners need. For instance, you are very strict about your work, and you need your home to be look like office too, so the design will adapt to your needs.

I have collected the bright pictures of Residence in Japan by Airhouse Design Office. It is the project of a renovated old concrete apartment in Japan. The spaces of the house were conducted in arranging to aim storing clothes point of view. Their client is someone who has a big passion for fashion. That’s why the designer makes such space so that those who reside here or guests can display newly bought clothes. This residence even has a changing room where the visitor can try some clothes. The client demanded a giant space of closet. However, one thing that I would like to pity is that the clothes are blocked with the closet. In such large closet space, also called as dress room, was built in the center of the plan.

The function of the room is as passage as well as display storage. But there is also hide away storage. The space will continuously changes depending on the season. By conducting this home plan, the fashion statement blends into the livelihood. Enjoy the pictures!

Awesome Bathroom

Bathroom Designs in Japan

Walls, floors and ceilings throughout the apartment

Single Family Residence in Japan

Bathroom Designs

Women Warderobe

Dining Table

Residence in Japan By Airhouse Design Office

Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Design in Single Family Residence

Bedroom Designs in Japan

Single Family Residence

Single Family Residence in Japan By Airhouse Design Office

Bare concrete apartment by Airhouse Design Office

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