The Best Ways to Use Your Patio in the Winter

The urge to spend more time outside rapidly increases as the temperatures start to drop and the leaves change to their autumn colours. Knowing that there’s a limited number of hours that you can realistically sit out your patio before winter comes makes you want to spend every last moment out there, almost to the exclusion of everything else. However, what if there were ways to use your patio into the winter months?
Your Patio in Winter

Making some simple changes to your outdoor space, both on the patio and beyond, Driveway Patio Pro can help you find the best way to use your patio in the winter. Of course you’ll still need to wrap up, but these tips will help you enjoy the outdoor space long after the last heat of autumn:

  • Plant windbreakers – one of the biggest factors that prevent people from wanting to use their patio in the winter is the cold temperatures. These are made more severe by the Calgary winds, so planting windbreakers, such as coniferous trees or large evergreen bushes, near to your patio will help to reduce the cutting edge of the winter winds. They’ll also help reduce snow build up on the patio so you’ll have to do less shovelling when the white starts to fly.
  • Add a fire pit – if you don’t have a heat source out on your patio yet, now is the time to get one! You can get fire pits that generate enough heat to keep everyone warm on your patio, and the options of heating source run the gamut from traditional wood burners to solar powered heaters. You may need to reconsider the layout of your furniture to make sure that everyone gets to sit near the heat.
  • Weather proof furniture – the cold, snow and ice can cause severe damage to three season patio furniture, so you’ll need to find pieces that are made from winter proof materials, and fabric that can withstand the cycle of freeze and melt. Plastic and metal frames work well, as does laminated wicker for a more classic patio look. In terms of fabrics, it’s worth investing in laminated covers for when you’re not using the furniture, or removable seat covers that you can store inside.
  • Pack accessories – finally, being out in the freezing cold with a good fire pit and friends is part of the fun. The other part is snuggling up under warm blankets and soft cushions to add to the air of winter luxury. Just make sure that you have weather proof storage for your winter accessories, and that you have enough to go around!

Your Patio
Finally, a simple touch to encourage you to find the best way to use your patio in winter whatever the weather is to install a hot drinks bar, including an electric kettle. You can then make warm beverages, from herbal tea to decadent hot chocolates for all your guests as you prepare to extend your patio lifestyle right into the winter months.

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