The Best Way to Expand Your Living Space at Home

Spring is always a time for new ideas and thoughts about how to make your home bigger, better, and more comfortable. However, with all these thoughts come the nagging truth about finances, and while it’s easy to make cosmetic changes on a budget, you don’t end up with extra space for you and your family. This is when you need to start thinking outside of the box and outside of your house, and look at the possibilities that a new sunroom provides.

A sunroom is the best value for money extension available to you: it is lightweight in construction, meaning it can sit directly on top of your existing patio or deck. Even if you don’t have either of these, it can be installed with minimum foundations and planning requirements as it represents a small enough addition that it fits within the Calgary building code guidelines. If you need further reasons why a sunroom is the best way to expand your living space at home, try these:

Your Living Space at Home

  • The quiet – imagine having a whole new room in your house that you can seal off with tight fitting doors and enjoy a serene sense of peace and quiet. Whether you keep it as your own private oasis, or make it a room for the nosier members of your house to go and get their energy out, a sunroom provides quietness in our often hectic lives. Create a quiet space by expanding your living space on your next remodeling project.
  • The warmth – the combination of big, south-facing windows and the double (or even triple) glazed glass means that your sunroom acts as a natural heat trap. Expand or assign a portion of your living room space to your sunroom for added warmth and life. Not only will this save you on heating bills for the room, but it makes your new sunroom the perfect place for an early spring morning cup of coffee or a romantic setting for an autumn evening meal. The warmth also means that you can extend the kinds of plants you can grow; nothing beats a sunroom chili plant!
  • The views – if you have a garden to be proud of but no windows to enjoy it from, a sunroom gives you the perfect balance between being outside in the cold in winter or surrounded by bugs in the summer, and being cooped up with a small window view. Many sunrooms have glass windows all the way round, giving you a full panorama of your garden all year long.

Your Living Space

Make the Most Out of Every Square Footage

For a DIY-er, every square footage matters. But how do you make the most out of your living space? 

Check these space-saving design tips:  

  • Use a Square Footage Calculator: Make the most out of your living space by using a square footage calculator, which will allow you to work out an area of your home as well as other construction projects, like your sunroom. 
  • Organize Your Space: You can organize your living space using an ottoman with storage and by putting glass shelves in deep-set windows. Also, you can line a small bedroom with a wardrobe cabinet high up on the wall to save space. 
  • Wall-Mounted Décor: Figurines, standing photo frames, and other table décor consume too much space. Choose wall-mounted décor instead of table décor to save space.  
  • Choose Space-Saving Furniture: Your sunroom will be a great place to bond. So, choose the best seating that saves space, such as a small sofa or an armchair. Add a cozy coffee table or textiles such as soft pillows, lace curtains, and a rug to make your sunroom feel comfier. 

What you choose to do with all the extra space that a sunroom gives you is up to you. The possibilities are endless: many sunroom owners turn it into a formal living room for parties and guests, while others choose to make it their dining room to make sure it gets used every day. More unusual uses include a library, music room or even a home gym; the motivation of a beautiful view as you work out can be incredible! Whatever use you put your expanded living space to, it’s a dream that can quickly become a reality. A typical sunroom installation can be done in under a month.

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